Monday, May 10, 2010

Double Update- Double the Stuff! EGM News Too

Everyone's least favorite 2 words (technical difficulties) stopped the update last week. It was partially up, but nothing announced on the index, making stuff impossible to find.

This week solves the problem, and brings double the stuff: everything that should have gone last week (and more!) plus more for this week. It's mostly USA and UK items, but there's really quite a diversity of them. For more site news, read past the EGM news below.

The news:
EGM reports that "A character no one has seen in a long time will appear at the end of Sonic 4". It is also something that fans have demanded for a long time, to see once again.

THIS is why I have always liked/subscribed to this magazine.
It can sometimes get news that no one else knows and then publish it, sometimes even before the internet. Since it's "Electronic" games it isn't beholden to any 1 company, which also helps. When the magazine closed/went away many people were upset. Now that it is back, it should be good once more.

This is a blog, of course it's going to speculate. Well as was said 1zillion times Sonic is the only char playable in this, and that's great. A lot of people wanted it that way and it should be fun. So at the end you know you will at least see a photo of Metal Sonic. He is the only thing no one's seen in a long time because recently all Sega seemed to do is spam in every char they've ever made except Mighty & Ray. Including throwing in the extra-dimensional cat Blaze into SBK, because hey, it's a fairytale and they can put in everyone they can think of. It isn't a complaint vs 'other chars' it's just a statement of elimination on who this 'big surprise' is going to be.

They're not going to activate the internet-infamous "Sonic Cycle" at this stage, and a villain/boss fits beautifully into what EGM has said without invoking the cycle/breaking what they said they'd do as they publicised the game. Also, no one can deny that MS is a fan fave/would be in demand.

Site Errors Possible:
With the pile up of mail it is TOTALLY POSSIBLE I missed a credit or two on some of the photos, or a 'this got added' mail that didn't get out. With this much mail madness things are totally able to slip through cracks and get missed. If it did, just write in and it'll be fixed.

Item of the week:
Sonic Speed Energy Drinks. For some reason, I find Sonic food to be especially interesting/eccentric/entertaining. The energy drink is no exception, infact, it may be right in line with a lot of the odd foods they've made for him over the years. If you recall, the original Japanese Sonic Soda was grapefruit flavored, and reportedly quite awful. (Really, grapefruit is a poor choice if you're trying for broad appeal, as would be expected for something like this)
This stuff doesn't even SAY THE FLAVOR on the can, which, cannot possibly be a good sign. If something is delicious, you announce it as loudly and as often as possible. That does not bode well for the content of the can. Then, the fact that it literally says "NOT FOR KIDS" on the side of the can is bizzarre because really everything Sonic is marketed "For kids". (whether anyone wants it to be or not) That also makes you wonder about what exactly is in there, and what it's going to do to you if you happen to drink it rather than just collecting it.

Someone actually drinking this stuff and sending in a review.

Next Week:
Mail bag. May have made progress this time. Maybe not. Mid week update still possible.