Monday, February 08, 2016

Germany Toyfair & Sonic 25th

This week's update sees the start of the items revealed at Germany Toy Fair.
This fair always precedes the big one in the USA. It's not quite as big, but it generally serves as a nice preview for what's going to happen later. This year is no exception, with Tomy showing up with their 25th anniversary items.

What was seen?

Little bigheads plush line 2 - looks fine, knew it would
Figures & Coins - Nice surprise! Nobody saw these coming & they look like a good job so far. The coins are nice too with neoclassic art on them & it's always good to have a coin for an anniversary. Knuckles is the weakest link, that glaring error at the bottom of his eyes needs to be fixed seriously before release. The Tails is really cute!
Tornado F4F Reveal - It looks fantastic, but, of course it would, it's First 4 Figures (It didn't make gear because the plane was already there, this is just an official reveal of an actual statue)

1. "Pixel Sonic"
You'll hear this reference starting around the 25th. It is generally thought to refer to 'classic style Sonic', but instead of calling him Classic & the other Modern, they're trying to switch it to calling that one Pixel for reasons not yet known. They are not generating some 4th type of Sonic. Pixel = classic. This is the latest info on the term. (It may be because Boom is now actually more 'modern' than 'modern' who started with Dreamcast, so they thought confusion could occur)

Opinion Zone:
Tomy Metal Sonic: WEAK WEAK WEAK
Usually I don't go off on figures (Being a figure fan) but this's just so feeble, so withered in comparison to the Jazwares* one. It especially doesn't hold up, up close. There's these big awful seams down the sides of his arms/legs. The blunted nose and fused fingers don't help at all. Then, you KNOW they had shiny metallic paint at their disposal (they use it on that platinum line even, rubbing it in that they own it) but then refused to use it...why?
It's not awful on the blue, but the gray instead of silver for the arms it just looks really poor & no-effort /falls flat. It makes him stand out in sort of a bad way. Then, there's other sort of messy paint spots & details that should have been textured but are just painted on or missing.

*Sure, if you never saw a JW figure you'd think this guy was fine / good.
*It is no longer even in the realm of acceptability to make a figure completely off-model like those early ReSaurus & Toy Island goof balls, so "It looks pretty much like MS and the eyes aren't on sideways" is not an equals-sign to "it is very great"

Yes, people complain about JW frailer joint quality & etc, but seeing these 2 side-by side makes you realize how spoiled the buyers got by JW real attention to quality & detail. Plus you can't argue with more articulation for the same price.

Winter Wear:
It's pretty consistent, isn't it? At least 1 item of it turns up each week this winter. Very nice.

Hopeful But likely won't happen:
Something modern that's not Boom for the 25th. Only time will tell, but why making Sonic compete with Sonic seemed like a good idea when Sonic was ALREADY competing with may never know. (Yes its an opinion, but if there's 3 types of Sonic, and it's a big anniversary, than I feel all 3 should be represented)

Next week:
More Toyfair items that are less interesting than this crop. Classic style dolls, really paper looking mock-boxes & yet another release of those very early less-well done classic mini pvc figures (Showing up again, to not be bought again, most likely, this will be like I think the 3rd or 4th release of these and it shelf-warms every time) More clothing is also sure to appear.