Monday, October 23, 2006

PSU is almost here!

PSU is almost here, but what's that got to do with Gear?
Well, it did cause this week's update to be a bit small. But don't worry, future updates will not be delayed because of this awesome game. If you don't know PSU, that's Phantasy Star Universe, the latest and greatest game from Sonic Team. I happen to be a huge PSO/PSU fan, and this is the kind of thing we've been waiting for, forever. The game has been through numerous delays/trials/hurdles and at last it's finally coming out. It doesn't seem real, after all this time, waiting and anticipating.

Mostly, it's been about hope.
With PSO EP 3 CARD battle, SonicTeam said that was their last game in the plotline. It also meant a real sour note if you were an action/adventure gamer and not a card player who likes YuGiOh and stuff. How could our beloved fun end on such a thing?
Then, along came a tiny teaser for this thing...PSU. Like PSO but bigger, better, and with tons more fun! It may not be the same plotline, but seeing was believing, and it gave everyone something to look foreward to. The action may have been over for now, but you knew the future would be ok.

Now, the greatness can finally be experienced either tuesday or wed of this week. Will it live up to everything everyone's thought? Exciting times, with the anticipation coming to a fever pitch and then being unleashed all over a great new place for friends, fun and action!

But, you didn't read the blog for PSU, it's time for Sonic Stuff.
This week has Sonic Fast Food USA and some BlueSeed screengrabs. The update seems kind of small, because FF USA needs the McDonalds LCDs to round it out. Unfortunatly, I've misplaced the folder bin that all my shots are in for that will be on a future update. The BlueSeed was just hanging around for the longest time, so that was thrown on to spice things up. Next week, look foreward to "Trick or Treat!"