Thursday, September 15, 2005

Why is the Search Tool Cranky?
Just got its own Search Tool! This is a handy thing, made possible by Google. With it, anyone who visits the site is supposed to be able to look up anything they want WITHIN the pages of your site. That means that Shadow the Hedgehog fans can use it to go streight to Shadow items first, and browse the rest however they'd like. The same holds true for any other character or wacky concept you want to look up.
Those words should provide Sonic related photos, despite how unrelated they may seem now.

Such a pity that it DOES NOT WORK AT ALL. And who's problem is it? For now, I am thinking it is Google, and that they have not indexed the pages or something. However, I am not irrisponsible. I purposely waited until traffic hit a big jump on the site (AND I submitted it spacifically to google, with a handy explanation of what it's about) to make sure it got indexed so this tool would help the fans!
...And it's not helping anyone right now. So if you're seeking an easy way to get to everything Rouge the Bat related, it'll have to keep until this wacky blank rectangle gets its act in gear.

The latest word on Sonic Merchandise seems to be Sonic X books.
Saw the ad in the latest Archie Sonic Comic. I will, of course, be scouting for them in local bookstores to bring in the latest report on this merchandise. However, if it is anything like the other items they've been cranking out, it may be a while before ANYbody sees these things. My bet is currently with "Adaptation of the Show in EZ reader format". Still it will be interesting to see what these things are about.