Friday, December 23, 2011

Sonic Sleepwear Page Added

This week is a pretty competent one.
The update was actually on-time, and got a part 2. It seems like I can't get ahead on the mail, even with such a responsible time & loading in bunches of items. Was hoping it would calm down a little around the holidays, but it doesn't seem so.

The new page this week is Sonic Sleepwear.
Interestingly, tons of PJ pants piled up on UK modern it warranted a whole page. Naturally, there are a couple new things on the page as well as everything that was moved off of the general clothing. The underwear page didn't get anything new, but it was also re-arranged as general clothing still had a couple underwears lurking on it. Curious that underwear & sleepwear both had to be spun off into separate categories...but only on UK area. Hopefully everywhere else will get it too in the future.

Item of the week:
HAS to be that Caliburn French set. WHY WHY is that thing France only. Everyone would of wanted this thing. It's practically a prop from the game. The quality looks good, it's pretty big and it's really detailed. It's like THE perfect thing for the wiimote too. The wiimote always begged to be some sort of sword, so when finally a sword attachment comes out, nobody even knows about it.
Did you know about it before the picture?
I sure didn't. I'm betting not a whole lot of people did.

Odd item - Re Use plastic cup.
All the style & fashion of a fast food in permanent form? Never heard of such a thing before. I guess it's 'anti spill' what with the lid & straw and all...but it still seems a little oddball. Hopefully it's not too expensive.

Next update:
Should be timely...and will have that new Jazwares 20th Statue Display Figure type thing. They may get a new page for 'display figures' rather than throwing it onto the general display figure page. With them re-releasing those F4F minifigs in 2 different formats now, they really seem to be getting into the 'non action' side of figures.