Sunday, September 26, 2010

Jazwares Steals The Show: Again

With this update, it looks like Jazwares steals the show again.

Hope there aren't any anti-fans of theirs out there, or they'll be in a fit by this point. It's been quite a few updates now that they've either had several things, or dominated the update by themselves.
This one is no different, with mini racers, giant Sonic, wisps revealed and even the prototype and error are ALL related to them. They licensed out the walkie-talkies even though those are electronics...there it goes anyway!

I was right.
If asked (and I frequently am) I will give an un-professional prediction regarding the future of whatever it is you're asking about. I get a lot of these emails, and my predictions are always based on: past events, past actions, how things operated in similar situations, facts, & things official people said.

Putting together all those elements...Sometimes its right and sometimes its not but of course no one can really see the future. But most of the time only real shockers can get the drop on such things.

The Wisps were just an example of this.
They're perfect for the 3 inch line because it is inexpensive. JW already said they wanted to put 'everything' on that line, a figure from JW has already been used as a pre-order bonus (in Australia) so they're likely to do it again...etc etc.

And so, here are wisps, on the 3 in line, as a pre order bonus.
Will everywhere get them? So far everything seems to be "AU only", but unlike the werehog (who was released to the USA first, and then just generally released everywhere else, but you had to pay for him) people are gonna get mad if they don't get wisps everywhere, regardless of pre-order status.

Didn't see it coming:
10 inch Sonic ONLY 15 dollars??
No one ever asked, but I sure as heck wouldn't of predicted him that low. With the rumored price increase, and the 13.99 2-packs we've seen...this guy is a steal! Metal Sonic was 18.99 he's a real bargain if that info is true. I would have said 'same as Metal', or same as ReSaurus...which was I think 22...but he had voice/disk.

Will they steal the show next week?
DOUBTFUL. There's pretty much nothing left for them to do, (until their next wave) and everything that's out pretty much has all the photos.

Yeah you can see another of him. Wonder when he'll release, and with who? Initially, it was stated he'd be with Eggman in a Big & Eggman combo pack, but clearly that won't be the case now. Will he be single card or will they get too scared no one will buy him and force in a more popular figure to get you to buy Big?

They've done it before. Look how they shoved that "Jet" character into the Mini Racer 4 pack. Did anyone ACTUALLY want that guy in his dinky car? Who'd of rather had mini Knuckles who HASNT been released yet? That answer is probably 100% in Knuckles' favor.

I think it's actually ok that Big isn't out yet. It would have just been embarrassing if he'd of come out before like...Metal Sonic, Silver, or Super Sonic. I mean, everybody likes those guys a zillion times more than Big. It'd of been an insult to let him out first and make people wait for the real favorites.

Prediction time:
The next line, whenever it may appear will have Big, Cream & Rouge on it. Rouge is the last of the real "bigtime players" that everyone really ultra-wants. She was extremely popular on the Figures/Emeralds line, and Cream was actually in demand there too, despite her relativly lower fandom status. All Rouge things sell super well, and if they go out of production they tend to get expensive, FAST. She's also not featured much on merchandise, which seems to fan the flames.

Blaze the cat, another version of Metal Sonic (pick any of them, people will go wild), Marine, Tikal, Chao of any variety, chaos-0, "Invisible Espio!" Make him clear! You can do it! CHARMY BEE--not a fave of anyone's but he's still a chaotix member, Froggy (if you're going to have it right) and something to involve badniks.