Thursday, December 07, 2006

This Update is Boring!

Yes, this week's update is rather dull.
Why? Because the people who decide to put videos into their accounts over at YouTube are fickle! They tear down the videos, and then they no longer work on Gear doesn't host the videos, so it's dependent on people just leaving everything where it is.

This necessitates every so often to run through everything and then RE-find all the missing videos, and put up the new link to get them working again. Naturally, this can happen at any time, but there are so many videos that it's impossible to check each one each week. If you read this blog and see a video that does not work, of course, use the email found on the page to contact me and I'll get it going again right away. So basically the video thing is a chore that comes up every so often and produces an update that's less than exciting. But it is still time-consuming and necessary, because videos are a cool, and big part of the Sonic experience.

But, as with all updates, this one is not a total snore! There's at least 1 new video discovery in the pack for you to see! Sonic & Tails 2 for GameGear Japan. There may even end up with more than that by the time the update is totally through. Since people join and update youtube all the time, new discoveries are always possible, and Gear is out there looking to gather them for you!