Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Before HalloweenPost

Halloween is nearly here!
This week's update reflects that ok with costumes. There's no horrible scary plush (yet) because ToyNetwork seems to have at least slowed down in spamming the lame things out. That doesn't mean nobody will come up with one (only 1 update to go before Halloween) but there's not one yet.

New page:
Italy! It's always great to see a new country join the pages with it's own unique stuff. There should be more stuff incoming for Italy as well. It also had...

Item of the week:
HAD to be that perfume. Seriously hoping it's not fake. That French perfume is rare enough, the Italy one must be much moreso. I'd sure never seen it before / didn't know it existed. I do own the French one...I really like super odd items like that. It's just so unexpected to find Sonic perfume.

On the subject of candy...
Halloween is the most candytastic holiday of the year...but there really should be more Sonic candy. Mario has loads of stuff...little mushrooms with candy in them, gummies, novelty ? block stuff...just all kinds of things. It'd be great to have novelty box Sonic candy. Sure he's got the "Sonic head tin with Emeralds" but that's only 1 thing. As far as Ive been able to tell Sonic candy was always pretty popular any time it appeared.

A fave section....Magazine Gallery.
It's really great to be able to see older content like what's in there. Magazines almost no one owns any more, old interesting interviews, and sometimes even stuff that didn't get made/photos. Always cool to see this section updated.

Quiet Sections:
Why are some sections so quiet lately? It's like the USA has dominated merchandise for the last good couple weeks. For a while UK was really letting out the stuff. Usually there has been more variety in general. Everything that comes in each week has been going up, so it's not like something's piling up/neglected.

Only read next section if you care about ARCHIE:

Rumor Zone:
There's some kind of shenannagins going on at Archie Sonic. This is a "stuff blog" dealing with mostly extra words about stuff that's posted, theories, & additional info so it's not really a rumor place but these are kind of a big deal. (I guess) And the comics are 'stuff' so it counts. I don't know much but it seems like Sega sent out some kind of mandate to the comic or something to change their art style?

Things for you to notice:
How the "backup story" (the smaller story) for a book would sometimes be replaced by a 'recap' of some part of a game opener or something like that. That's Sega telling them to do it.
How (this is new) the All Stars Racing story was a whole book. Since Sonic has 2 books again, it was do-able. All it did was create a sort of 1-off apart from the usual "sets of 3" that Universe had been doing. Sega telling them to do it again, but that's fine too. It's always been done and doesn't change much.

What's suspected?
Them having to (I guess) re-design their own guys. And by that, it likely means Sally/Bunny/Antoine/main people. It seems sort of bizarre/out of the blue. Archie was always very "Furry" while Sonic himself isn't.
But why are they letting this bother them all of a sudden, if it's true?
I was always VERY curious about why, when they had to furnish a supporting cast for Sonic, that they didn't actually like........use that style to make up characters. Why did they give mini human bodies to everyone and take on the furry format? People say it's because they wanted "Sexy Animals/appeal to human males" with Sally & Bunny , but that's weird was a Saturday morning cartoon show. Bringing 'sexy' in doesn't seem like a move for that demographic. It was just always really random to me.

We'll see what way or the other.

Next Week:
Will get into older mail, if all goes well. There's still 145 or so older messages to comb through for stuff due to the big mail pileup after the site disaster. Halloween being on a wed. shouldn't disrupt the following update.