Monday, July 29, 2013

Several Timely Topics

This is a time-sensitive blog post.
So if you're not reading it right away it will probably have useless parts. So...quickly! On to the topics.

1. Sears is having a clearance on their previous season shirts.
This means that you can get their spring/early summer Sonic shirts for really low prices if you start combing the clearance racks in the boys/teens sections right now. For instance, I got 2 shirts for 3.99 each. That is two-for-one style pricing! Pick up extras of your favorite Sonic designs from the spring line just to have spares, use 'em as gifts or just to hang around in. You can't really beat a 4 dollar shirt, so go to your local Sears and check the rack for red tag stickers.

Action deadline: whenever your local store runs out of tees

2. Sonic Underground is going OFF the Netflix INSTANT Que.
Did you want to see this annoying Sonic show without paying much for it or giving them money to buy the DVDs? Well then the Netflix instant que was the perfect place to do this. It's instant, and all you had to do was pay the monthly subscription. BUT they're tearing this show off the instant on August 1st.

Action deadline: Aug 1 2013

3. Target Back-To-School Sale
Target is having an early (yeah come on, its only July--back to school is sept.) BTS sale, which includes 7 dollar tees in the boys/teens section. There's a new camouflage pattern shirt with classic style Sonic on it included in this.

Action deadline: probably mid august 2013
But their shirts were always somewhere around 7 or so, it's not that big of a deal

The Burning Blaze Hoax (is actually a mistake)
You might have noticed that the Burning Blaze action figure jumped from JW to fan items. What's going on? Was it a hoax? Not really. Here are the steps of what led to the mix up:

Original maker customizes a Blaze figure and posts it on their Deviant Art
Somebody else sees it, grabs their photo and throws it on Tumblr without explanation
A fan looking over the Sonic tag on Tumblr sees it & thinks its real
Fan sends in the photo to SonicGear, with a letter saying it IS real and adds it as a submission
It gets posted to Gear

You can see how a bunch of easy mistakes led to the posting. And, it really IS too bad that it's not real. Everyone who wrote in to correct the mix up was very disappointing they couldn't have this pack for themselves. Hopefully JW does seize the easy opportunity (as mentioned in the last blog post) and actually does make the 2 pack at some point.

Mini Morphs
While they might not of made the Burning Blaze yet....they are making Mini Morphs. They weren't previewed anywhere, not even with that magazine page that had whatever All Stars Racers new cars and stuff, so they're a bit of a surprise. Check them out on this week's Display Figures, but now its time for an

Opinion Zone:
WAY better than the Funko Pop Zombie /dead baby character classics!
Little dot-eyed Tails doll looking figure, go away from me! Mini "angry" Sonic is not good either.
Kind of redundant. You had those little big heads type figures as bobble heads already, so now it's time for more little big heads? They also had fuzzy chibi figure 4 pack or whatever too. It's nice they went with classic (its more suited to cutie things). Metal Sonic is a surprise here. His appeal mainly lies in his general "Badazzness" but making him cute as a chibi thing, will that sell?
Keep in mind these are tiny, so a high price could put buyers on a fence. ToyWiz though tends to be known for charging random prices or over-charging so don't trust those 10 dollar pre order prices they put up. I will probably buy these, if they're cute in person and the price point is ok. If the price is bad, I would only go for Metal Sonic. What's going to happen with 2 "Chibi-fied / SD" character lines on the shelves at once?

Hopefully a part 2 to the update, and maybe a Sonic Underground related essay style blog post to go with it. Not all of the current mail got cleared up, so I want to at least finish it off. Being forced to quickly re-watch SU has inspired more essay type writing. (yes it was available in the Que for several months, but naturally I put off watching it till now when its about to expire, o no!)