Sunday, February 07, 2010

Site Move: Mostly Successfull

Getting the PC moved has been mostly a success.
Files & programs going along nicely, but new golive isn't all that cooperative. Very obtuse with more irritating features like "you have to click the text tool to get text" it doesn't just switch when clicking in a text box. Textboxes themselves malfunction frequently and are extremely difficult to place and use. Why did they DOWNGRADE this?

Also, PC itself & windows 7 giving itself fits causes further troubles & delays (the MySpace has the boring details) so in all, it's taking longer than usual to get everything connected and uploading where it should. This, in-spite of obtuse interfaces, non-functioning 'helps', obscure menus, and a trick naming function. HOWEVER it seems to be ok enough now to be able to actually perform an update, though it is late and nothing's actually done. However, none of this whole mess could even be figured out to work/not work until an actual update attempt was made.

It's for the best to delay the update to the following day (it'll likely show up monday night/tuesday) to make sure everything goes in order just-so and nothing gets ruined along the way. DO watch the blog for further info/notices, who knows what's really going to happen once the updating starts.

Yes, it'll be a busy one with new JW photos of the Allstars race cars plus more stuff, so hopefully it will go well enough.