Monday, July 06, 2015

News for UK Sonic Fans - Merch On the Way

Headline of the blog post is for general UK area:
Not real sure exactly who is included in the release range for the news...but, if you're in the general area, be on the look out for:

Winning Moves company to make - Sonic Top Trumps & Sonic Monopoly type game board
TVM Fashion Lab company to make - Kids to Adults tees they'll release in TESCO
Oceania Trading company to make - Phones cases & speakers with Sonic themes

These are likely a general summer sort of release, so it could be any time they start to appear. Hopefully some photos and confirmed retailers also get sent in / these items should all go onto Gear.

Toys R Us in the USA:
SHOULD be having a 20% off ALL Sonic stuff this week only: starting Sunday 7.06.15 running thru the upcoming Saturday. This may make those high Boom prices a bit more reasonable, but get there early because Orbot/Cubot & Sticks are the ones who always sell out first.

This week sees...
Multiples of most things. All the balls that turned up at once went on, so did multiple phone cards and bootlegs. The one with the Cyrillic letters was especially baffling in Ukraine. If you're selling/tricking to an audience that reads those letters, why are you going to confuse them by suddenly spamming English on stuff? How are they supposed to know what it says? Japan will do this too, write the whole thing in Japanese letters and then suddenly 1 important word is in English. That must frustrate everyone so badly because now here comes a whole 'nother alphabet you may not know/is unfair.
*However, because they show Sonic all over the fakes, yet there's no Sonic content at all, maybe writing the names of the games in another language is actually a ploy so you can't detect that one of them doesn't say 'Sonic' and buy it by accident.

Item of the week:
Microphone holding Sonic image phone card. The image itself is rare to see, and the fact that it's on merchandise helps it out more. It's not all that exciting, but the card has got to be rare. It's an interesting look, at least.

Next week:
That update will skip its usual day.
Not sure if it's going to happen that week. If anything IS going on, it's likely to be some pins. (Which is nice, have not had any pins in a while, and there are lots of pin collectors out there) OR the whole fix the Amazon merchandise mini banner things to get in before their deadline when they'll break all the ones with the old code.