Thursday, November 02, 2006

Halloween Treat?

Halloween was pretty uneventful for
I'd saved up some rare Sonic the hedgehog foods for the occaision, which made a nice Halloween update. Sonic food is pretty rare to come by photos of, so it made for a good (if frusterating) treat. The 'trick' was a bit lame (just a bootleg shirt) but the real trick section wasn't exactly ready yet...and it's got to be good because the merchandise sure isn't! (but that's the point of that page)

As for MetalForce, it is thwareted at every turn due to Toys R Us simply not carrying them in this area, and then releasing the figures all over the rest of the USA and the Ebay people aren't helping. I keep checking for it, but still no luck. Store seems to be having some kind of Naruto obsession as well, so those figures are kluttering up the shelves. What's the real nag is, that these things are JUST ar re-paint on Sonic X Space shouldn't be that big of a deal to get a hold of some.

Of course the other news remains PSU!
PSU is great if a bit confusing menu-wise so far. The plot is good offline, and online is still novel enough even though there are few quests. Once people get used to it, I think they'll open up some as well. Having trouble with the look of my main char, so I'm using a secondary char at first to get a feel for the game, and buy time to decide what I want to do. But why mention PSU? There's a cool Sonic Statue you can get for your room. It may be some kind of prize, or a give-away. But even though it's virtual, it still counts as Sonic stuff! So as soon as someone from my team aquires one (ST has to release it first, of course) SonicGear will get the screenshots for you to see.