Sunday, January 02, 2011

New Year, New Update

Happy 2011 Sonic Fans!

It's shaping up to be another great year of cool Sonic stuff to see and collect...yes even this early in the year, new things are flowing in to stores all around! With the technical difficulties far behind, hopefully this year in SonicGear gets off to a great start as well.

The good news here is as well: I finally got Super Posers Tails.
Great. Figure. The review will be going up soon, if not on today's update. This Tails is very super...but he only makes me want JW to do a SP Sonic EVEN MORE than before. It's a tragedy they just copped the crummy ToyIsland SP molds and left it at that. Their SP's are just soooo much better. His open hands work great with the articulation, and his tail set up is also really clever. He's just a great figure if you get one with good paint. (I had no problem finding one, but there have been reports of bad paint)

What is up with all these clocks?

Clock this week, clock last week. The site can go for years without a single clock and now here come 2 of them. Not that either is all that much to fuss over, but the old one is interesting.

Expect a 2nd update for the week,