Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Where have the T-Shirts Gone?

This week was pretty light on items submitted.
Which is actually just fine, because it's approaching holiday season, and that's when the Sonic Gear Store generally needs to be re arranged. If they're going to break their buttons, this is the season for doing it. If they're going to add new stuff, this is also that season. So the store needs to be maintained nicely during this time of year, so hopefully this week is a good opportunity to do so.

But where have the T Shirts gone?
This doesn't have anything to do with me being a Sonic shirt grabber. (I am, I collect 'em like crazy & love getting more and more tees with cool designs) However, it seems there are less and less people who can find shirts these days. There's loads of them piling up on Wanted Gear, yet it seems like nobody can find any of them in local stores. Not even Ebay has everything on there like it used to (Scalpers buy them at retail, then mark 'em up and list 'em up) People are reporting them, and then never finding photos. It's weird.

*Though a genuine classic tee did show up last week. That's become uncommon, but likely because Gear has nearly all of them by now, so that's perfectly ok.

Bootleg: A Lesson
This week's bootleg item was a good teaching tool on the little differences between fakes and the real thing with "Fingers" the echidna. That's what happens when you give Knuckles....well...fingers. The photos documented the tags really well too. Stuff like this can really help out the fans, I feel.

Critique on CD cover?
Usually people dont praise or complain about CD art. At least, I've never really seen much of anyone bring it up. But for whatever reason lots of people feel the Lost World CD art that just went up on Gear was really lazy and strange. Well, they DID copy/paste the Deadly Six a batch of times, all in the same pose, then just plaster a single CG Sonic on over it. But why pick on this one and not the 'a picture of Sonic with paint splats' or something else relatively simple? (who knows, maybe they did)

Tacky Item:
The UK fleeces uuugh. Yea pick red so that Sonic's shoes disappear in the design. How is that loud fleece supposed to go with anything in a house? It's busy too, with all the same spinning Sonic just thrown all over it. Maybe it's just me but it seems unappealing.

Later this week:
Probably Gear Store stuff. Hoping to get time to clean up anything broken and throw on as much new stuff as possible, even if it means adding more pages to the store.