Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Jazwares Avoids Going Stale?

Interesting stuff this week!
Hope you're a figure fan, because that's the majority of this week's update...AND its interesting. Why?

Excalibur Sonic.
Those 2 words cause excitement for Jazwares Sonic figures again. An actual DIFFERENT figure...looks like a 5 inch too, a size everyone really enjoyed. From the early photo, it looks good, with visor & sword accessory plus plenty of detail for the armor. So it's great news!

Mainly because...
There's likely about to be / is already "Too Much" All Stars Racers stuff out there. Yes, Sega needs to push the game by having everyone churn out tons of toys, but if like 5 different sizes of "Knuckles Landbreaker" are ALL that's on shelves...people get bored fast. Well gee, do you want RC big version, 3.5 size, Light n Sound version, mini racer, pull back n go racer oooooor the new diecast version? 6 things not enough for ya? How about those Erektor set with Landbreaker too! Oh and can't forget the RC racetrack S vs. K set as well. Can't get enough of the same exact thing!

I'm a figure fanatic.
I freely admit I can't get enough of cool Sonic action figures. I own the Space Fighters AND even bought the  metallic paint variant for the Shadow/Silver set. I'm considering buying the hedgehogs superpack again JUST for the fixed emerald color & possible new joints. But all that dupe Racers stuff? No way. Didn't buy it. So what's like, the casual fan supposed to do when that's the ONLY thing on the shelf?

No it's not all by JW. There's NKOK & Erektor in there too...
But Erektor doesn't do figures, & NKOK is a vehicle/RC company. They can't be expected to put figures on the shelves because it's not their gig. However, ending up with only 6+ of the same thing on the shelves because a marketing effort couldn't be diverse for whatever reason still isn't the coolest result.

Where's Rouge?
Where's Blaze? They HAD her prototype photo released.
Where's E Omega?
How about that Chaotix stuff with Charmy & accessories?

You'd think these guys (and others) would be right around the corner especially with photos released...but they've been no where in sight for months. This week's update sees more new packaging for old stuff...which is GOOD actually, because a nice 5 inch Sonic should just have good general availability. Yes I'm still mad they never fixed up the super posers.

I have to say Excalibur Sonic is really unexpected to me.
SBK is like...old now. The WiiU is replacing the Wii...which was the only console to have SBK. I can understand them doing a figure if WiiU was getting a port of it--because look how hard they're having to push that racing stuff. But there's been nothing announced. Still, it looks good and I think it'll be a hit , especially if it stays on shelves longer than their first regular SBK Sonic.

Sonic Trophy:
Yeah THATS out of left field. Giant item, obviously in the press, existed since 1993 and nobody knows a peep about it.

Hope time!
Let's get EVERYBODY from Sonic Black Knight as a figure! The Black Knight! ALL the other characters in armor! JW is frustrating partially because there's NO NEED to scrape the bottom of any barrel for figures there's loads & loads of things for them to do that the fans will love. Do enemies! Where's Mephiles? Metal Sonic versions? Start making little robots. Chao figures? The Tornado. Egg-o-matic.

Next week:
Hopefully some more info about either the trophy or ExcSonic...gee he's in a retail package AND this is the first anybody sees of it? How odd. Mail is down by 2 letters again, so cleanup is still happening, which is great.