Sunday, May 14, 2017

Fan Photos Dwindling: What's Going On?

There are less fan photos now than...well...since a very long time before.
What's going on?

This is the first week in YEARS where there has been 0 items in the Gear Mail. It's certainly an unusual circumstance, but there could be several reasons (or a combination) as to why this would let's see here:

#1 KNOWN thing:
The stuff that's out there now in the way of action figures & plushes are Expensive. costly everyone's complaining and it's just not seeming to get bought by fans. As a merchandise site, all manner of the complaining comes through the inbox here as well, and price is the #1 beef of fans. Tiny dolls costing more than 20 dollars, re-run style action figures with LESS articulation costing much more than the old Jazwares's a recipe for people to skip stuff & leave it on the shelf.

Proof: Look at a lot of the recent action figure & plush posts: it's all stuff IN the store. Not in someone's home. They're just taking the camera in and snapping the pic so they don't have to open the wallet. Even this week's new plush photo is that way.

#2 A guess
Rerun city: There are 2 types of Sonic fans: Fans who have been fans for a while/number of years & brand new fans just discovering Sonic. The absolute bombardment of 'classic only' created by the Boom Ban is less appealing to the long-time fans because chances are, they've ALREADY got loads of classic style stuff that may be genuinely 90s or any of the 'retro' stuff that's basically been coming out since then. The new Tomy figures are a prime example of that: Fans already bought these guys when Jazwares did it, they're not going to spend 30 dollars doing it again.

#3 It seems
This one is just a 'seems'. It SEEMS like in general, there's less stuff out anyway. Of course, as the runner or the site I am always out looking around for new merch in every store to snap a photo. And it's just not turning up like it used to. Sears has shirts still on shelves that were there 9 months ago. Spencers has the same tired old cups and glasses. Where's the new stuff? Nobody's reporting it and I'm sure not seeing any either in brick and mortar reporting.

#4 Endgame
IS there an Endgame for SonicGear? Well, not so long as Sonic exists. BUT it IS possible to finally archive every single thing that came out in the past. That's actually the goal. Do I think the site is close to doing so? Probably not. Will it ever get there? Hopefully so, because everyone who's a fan deserves to be able to observe every sight of Sonic they so desire.
When it happens:
Then, it would be up to the updates to only add the modern things that appear, as they come out.

What will fix it?
When Mania comes out merchandise will follow, as it always does if the past is any indication. But, a problem is that it's still classic, and unless it brings new graphics/designs/stock art/Mania Specific stuff to the table it will fall into #2 up there at Rerun City Zone.

What'll REALLY fix it?
Whatever the post-apocalypse 2017 Sonic later in the year game is. That one's modern and should break up the Boom Ban for good.

"How About Them Archies'?"
So what's up with Archie Sonic? Seems no change in the news. They're still really whirlin' along trying to keep their Archie brand going with a batch of different comics, new styles and of course are banging on about their Riverdale show still because it is successful but still cost a bundle of money.

Calendar of Crud:
Just when you think there's no more crud to go on there, here comes another item. In this case it was Valentine Holdin' Tails. He's a curious case of 'not so bad'. Every year I think "well, finally we have seen them all". (I mean look at how long people have been finding them for, it's literally ages)

There is no item of the week:
There's nothing interesting enough to take the title! It's all real standard stuff that needs to go onto the site, though, so it's fine.

Next week:
More clearing of the old image bins, especially if nothing new comes in.