Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Seasonal Sonic Good Stuff

1st update of the new year!
Happy 2013 to all Sonic fans...hopefully this will be another great year of stuff.

This update is finally a season-appropriate one with some nice winter clothing and holiday theme dolls. Someone liquidated a collection on ebay recently that had some good rare plushes. Remember that Tails Stocking that had been on WantedGear since....WantedGear was created as a page ages ago? Well, there it is!

Expensive items:
That little "Santa Eggman" he may be a fat guy...but he's rarely jolly...! Well that went for 300 dollars. They also had the Australian really Robotnick looking...probably mid-size plush and THAT went for 500. There really are some high roller Sonic collectors out there, and these recent auctions of rare dolls proves it. Quite interesting to see what things go for.

Screen printing video:
Cool to see a manual setup like this, in this age most things are machine done. However, with all those colors, just 1 tee is a ton of work. Whoever was working the press was quick, but when you think about the zillions of that shirt on the Sears shelves all around...that's still a lot to do. It is generally interesting to get a look at how some of your favorite items are made, so this video is one to watch.

A question for anyone who reads it!
Has ANYONE ever found the Easter Egg on the site? It was added a few Easters ago (well...appropriate time!) but it doesn't seem like anyone ever ran into it. The site is huge, so it seems really appropriate to toss in an EE. It's not incredibly hard to find either, there's one image that's out of place & clicking it reveals the egg page. Why ask now? Going to add another EasterEgg regardless of if anybody's found the first one or not.

Thing I want:
Gacha magnets. Wwwwaaannnt. I really like stuff like this. Colorful magnets that can be put anywhere, lots of designs, inexpensive, and a big selection of favorite characters. This set has all of the fun things I like, so I hope it comes to the USA and EU as well as AU where they were first found. They're not even big/fancy/flashy or anything like that, they're just a cool thing that won't wear out or go bad. For some reason that is really appealing to me.

Upcoming thing to watch for:
Not sure if it's hype or not but apparently the whole Megaman/Archie Sonic crossover going to be a thing. Complete with variant covers and all. So anyone who collects the comics for any reason has good reason to keep an eye on this event.

Next week:
More clothing. This week was supposed to have more clothes than it did, but the whole ebay thing changed the direction of the update. Still need to fix up the GearStore area for books because Archie has been busy.