Monday, April 01, 2013

Easter/April Update

It's April Fools Day!
And Easter was the day before. No Easter egg this year (nobody found it from whatever previous year it was set onto the site)

There was 1 easter thing, but it's a dissapointment of course, as it went right to the calendar of crud...the 2nd lame "Easter Egg Tails" this time, with a tacky egg and paintbrush. It looks about as bad as the first one (that only had an egg) It also makes one suspect that there are like 2 different versions of every stupid 'holiday plush' these nerds churned out. Which means photos for these terrible dolls are still out there somewhere. Lots of things have 2 slightly different but 'made for the same holiday' of each character, but I don't think all of them. Meh.

Not updated in a while:
The Japan Foods section. There's certainly to be more foods out there than what's on that page, but apparently they're super hard to get photos of. The bad biscuits you see were in a magazine...complete with a poor review of the flavor. It's sort of interesting they're bad though.

Hand Puppet...yeah 122 dollars.
SegaworldSydney sure did have a unique look for their Sonic stuff though. You can def. see why there would be competition over probably didn't sell too well when it was first out, so now you can't find it. I kind of bet there were other characters puppets. Some people really like the SWS look for Sonic (cuteiepie, chubby, old-fashion cartoon character) while others don't. I guess I'm not a fan of it so much.

Megaman Crossover is Coming
Fan of just Megaman? Fan of only Sonic? Will you get these comics? I think it's like...5 books of MM's you'd have to buy to complete the whole story if you're JUST doing Sonic plots and that's it. I believe variation covers will be around also? Or maybe front/back covers, something like that. Anyway if you're AT ALL interested, it's time about April 10th to be checking out your comic book store. The problem is people didn't want to subscribe to a whole year of Megaman to get the 5 xover issues so...

I'm a completist, so yeah, I'll be getting everything.
It's what they want too...I think their Sonic book since it's been around longer has more readership just because of its age. So by crossing it over, they can get people to be a fan of Megaman too. I have no idea if their MM books are any good. I never got into the games or the lore or that stuff, but I have heard good things...except that like Capcom got rid of him or something? I've also heard that Archie is doing a good job with their MM books. So hopefully this xover thing is good.

This update...there was no foolin' around, tons of stuff went up.
The last couple weeks had been mega mega stuff overload so it was nice to get most of it on. Hopefully can get another smaller 'part 2' on, just to clear up everything before the crossover happens.