Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Mega Mail Causes A Delay

This week's update seems normal enough...
But really it's covering up a delay in things for the site. "The Update Must go On" prevailed, however not exactly as planned. Why?

No less than TWENTY new emails flooded the box.
Now, email is great. It's a big part of where content comes from. It IS where info comes from, along with facts and tips. However, it's a 2-sided coin (I would like to see a 3-sided coin btw) in that if too much of it comes in, nothing else gets done. If you ignore the email in favor of purely creative content updates such as a brand-new page or the Sonic Store...the mail suffers and so do the senders. But if you only cater to the mail, the site itself doesn't evolve. There's only so much time that can be dedicated to it due to the fact that I've got to make money by selling things to people elsewhere. Go buy some !

I'm STILL trying to figure out a solution to this that doesn't include "add hour #25 to the day" or "magically get the population of China to buy X-Tralife"

But none the less, this update still went fine, eliminating a few mails as it went, so perhaps next week will be a bit calmer and something new will happen while the sender-inners don't get neglected.