Thursday, December 04, 2008

2nd update success

Well, as can be seen on Gear, the 2nd update was a success.
That means everything's on track for the weekend. Some updates are just too big to fit on one day, and this was one of them. Still, the info really helped out UK Sonic pages, and even led to a new one, which was UK Sonic Electronics. Hopefully, enough stuff will eventually turn up to get nearly everything catagorized on there, and off the 'general stuff' pages (1-3) that it's on now.

There may have to be future updates that are split up like this as well, just to get the mail under control, but, since it worked out well, that's not bad.

Monday, December 01, 2008

Classic Update- Part 1

This update is looking to be 'part 1'.
There's so much classic Gear it won't all fit onto one update. Thinking about a mid-week one in order to try and make a dent in the mail.

Obviously no super surprise section again this week, partially thanks to some unknown person deciding to liquidate their collection. (and the photo fallout from it) Quite a few items went up but the mail didn't really go down.

The sole material for the next update (whenever that may be) will be from a single 2-page magazine spread. A spread in England catalogued ALL the stuff it could find in 1994 of Sonic, and shoved it where's waldo style all over a page. EACH item has to be cut out of the page and set in its own area on that it can have a full description. The page will appear as well, but it'll be impossible to read it. So item clip+mag descript+any other data will complete each item. Many of these are shaping up to be "Replacement Candidates" as the mag didn't always do the best job.

Got the UPCs added for the Jazwares figures, but that's the only actual new thing. If the mid-week update goes off without a hitch the next update will shape up to be pretty exciting for SonicGear. If not, the next update will contain more 1994 UK things, plus some older Japan stuff. Mutants & bootlegs no matter what, though.