Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Jazwares Small Packaging Change

Big update this week...
Pretty much 1 thing per page, but there were a lot of things. This helped out with taking the mail count down just a bit...but everything counts. Plus, it's a source of amusing/interesting things such as the case of the 'teenage mutant ninja flicky'.

Jazwares makes a package change
You'll notice it with the different comic for the Sonic Amy Classic Comic 2-pak, but their other 20th Anniversary things got a minor makeover too. You'll notice now a CG gold ring appearing on stuff like the figures/badniks & classic mini fig set. Sometimes it replaces the '20th anniv' foil sticker/icon type thing and other times not. It usually says "The most iconic video game character of all time" or something similar in the ring.

Not real sure why they're doing this.
It seems like putting work in for no real means. What exactly is the new phrase going to do? Who will notice it when it isn't sidebyside with the older figures? It doesn't look bad or anything, but it seems a little busy-work.

Are non-prototypes becoming 'a thing'? With a simply unfinished Sonic appearing for sale on ebay (listed as a 'prototype' of course...) one can kind of hope not. My Little Pony seems to have always been prone to it, with various frankenpony combinations "escaping" the manufacturer to land on ebay. However, like pokemon, pony relies on a vast population of varied characters, while Sonic relies on lots of characters who look a specific way. So this kind of thing won't work for him.

The real prototype of the week:
Chaotix Box Set. It's super to see them adding accessories. The more props that figures get, the better. They're cool for play, or display. They add value, and when correctly chosen (as it seems here) can be really fun. Let's hope this thing releases with everything shown in the mock up.

How about that Dance Power Page?
It hadn't been updated in like......years. Maybe even 2 to 3 years, I think. It was by far the "Stale-est" page on gear, I believe. I had actually thought that the DP's ended with 7, but ...here comes another one I guess. Stuff like this popping up is part of what makes the site so much fun. You'll never guess what could turn up next!

Next week:
More old mail, and hopefully that amazon page for the archie stuff. With the Mega Crossover happening soon, they'll no doubt be wanting to release more items to hype during it for both halves of the fans. (the Megafans who will start reading Sonic, and the Sonic ones who will go buy Megaman)