Monday, September 22, 2014

More Store - Uncovering Items

This week's update was pretty much entirely adding store items to the site itself.
Fall usually brings out new crops of merchandise, so it is always a perfect opportunity to scan for items that aren't yet in the Gear Store. So...the however-often store update has begun again, and it produced a surprising amount of stuff that no one had discovered or sent in. It caused another new page to be needed (Sonic Theme Kitchenware / glassware) and will likely cause another before its through.

Not that it's bad or anything...
But if you looked at the 'surprise store midweek update' last week, you won't of seen anything new during the update except 1 tee & that Monster Hunter sidekick whatever thing's Sonic suit DLC. Some of the items from the store were also reserved off for next week because submissions are still low / 1 item per week and it's not particularly good enough for a satisfactory update to entertain people.

Boom news:
1. People are finding some of the plushes already at TRU. They look about like the prototypes, so if you liked those, it's time to start being on the lookout. Yeah sports tape go.

2. Archie has their subscription cards out for the Boom book they're getting set to let out in Oct, so if you don't want to miss the 1st edition 1st issue of this, NOW is your time to get that sorted. They are also pretty convinced it will do well because there's already a "2 year sub" option on the card.

Opinion Zone:
I dont know what to do about the Boom comic. How can you subscribe to something if you dont know if you even like it? NO ONE knows if Boom is even going to be any good OR not. But, without comic book stores around any more, what else are you supposed to do? If there's an active retail store in your area, CG, you're probably one of the few that still has a retailer left & you have options but not everyone does.

Opinion Zone 2:
Monster Hunter game- I once had to get a preview of one of this series to get some bonus for something else. Does the name of the game In that it is the HUNTER (your guy) that is the actual "monster" in the game? All of the supposed "monsters" in the game struck me as just alien animals or dinosaurs who are hanging out doing their thing. (With the exception of perhaps a giant boss whale) Then you have to murder them to win. Of course, attacking them makes them hostile toward you / starts the fight but.
I didn't get the plot out of the preview but like the hadrosaur or whatever it was you were assigned to go get wasn't even menacing anything.
Then, one time, the monster I was after was asleep when I got there. It was sleeping.....and I have to stab him in his sleep? No thanks. It has a lot of fans though.

Next week:
More store still. There are more items left to go. I also want to add a "Halloween Costume Shop" store page where all the "it can be considered costume or prop type" items can be gathered into one place for easy looking at. It's still sept. so the timing for that should be all right. Hopefully something new appears as well / someone sends it in.