Thursday, September 28, 2006

Search Bar Triumphant!

Awesome news!
The search tool of has been activated by Google! Now anyone can search freely for rare unusual and exotic Sonic the hedgehog merchandise! This search button is great for more then 1 reason:

First, it makes anything you're after instantly findable. No more pressing pages and trying to guess where a Shadow Basketball might be found. Just type it in and go!

Next, it makes it possible for new fun sections to open, and to add in a new, special type of gear that everyone will love. If you read this post, you'll know ahead of time that it's the "Super Golden Gear"!

What is a Super Golden Gear? (name subject to change)
It's the 'good' equivelent of the 'mutant gear'--which as you know appears on terrible things. This new golden gear will appear on items that are especially awesome. Like the Mutant one, it will be scattered around the site where it's appropriate. This gear will have to have a special name to make it be searchable easily, so you can use the button to bring up all the items that have it, and not get klutter.

But what are the 2 new special sections?
It's time for the special gears to have a page. I have a backlog of especially nice and especially LAME items that will be on their respective pages as a showcase for each type. These should prove both amazing and funny--real great additions.
Next time: How did the search bar finally activate?