Sunday, December 16, 2007

Crock o' Christmas!

Christmas: it gets all over the place.
Wondering why this update is a bit Scrooged? This holiday season has been the busiest yet. A missed update for Gear last week, and a zillion things yet to do.

So a request for "THEY"...please, for the love of all that is holly and jolly, stop putting un-related events in december and january!

December first had a PSU art contest. The 17th, a painting contest. Dec 31st has a convention, Jan 3rd another, all the way to the 21st is a reward period in PSU to need to take advantage of or it goes away forever, not to mention all the cooking, shopping, party set up for people you don't know, crowd-fighting, wrapping, decorating, coordinating, working, and trying to carry on with updates to both sites! Can't forget working 7-6 each day too.

Because no matter who you are, Christmas is in your face!
Does being Jewish cause your car to fly over traffic jams? Can Kwanzaa celebrators skip to the head of giant lines? Can Muslims always find a parking spot? Do Pagans make sold-out Wii's appear in stores to buy?

As you've experienced, the answer to all these zany questions is "NO!" So no one's immune to xmas--not even Sonic Gear. However, a lot of it is due to the unrelated events. Like the art contests and conventions have nothing at all to do with Xmas, but are inconveniently placed to hog time away from the stuff that does.

Still, the un-related stuff is slowly being taken care of, so at least this week there is a bit of an update-even if it's crabby. But, since Xmas is around the corner, and on every corner, might as well have some fun with it, and try to do our best!

This week brings a selection of curious bootleg items, 2 mutant plushes and an ice cream bar in a pear wait...freezer.
The bootleg bin was full of stuff, some of which is obvious, and others not so much so. It really is a shame some of these people are producing fakes, as they have some good ideas, and some of the stuff can even be cute (see the Tails towel) but if it's bogus it's bogus...