Monday, January 29, 2007

Shirts Ahoy!

Looking at this update, and the picture bins, I have come to a conclusion.
Sonic shirts have to be the most numerous item out of all the different Sonic things ever produced. All the different shirts, if you add them up, have to come to somewhere around 100 unique designs. And I'm not talking those vaguely beneficial color varients they've been churning out for Sonic X lately.
Is this a good thing? I guess. Its not like shirts are horribly expensive or useless other then for collecting purposes (such as cards, which you really can't do anything with other then add them into some binder somewhere, unless they are also a game) They also advertise Sonic to others while you wear them, and remind you of Sonic all day--both of which are beneficial.
I guess I didn't realize just how many different shirts/clothing items there were, but the USA bins have enough to throw at least 1 more page to 'modern' and another 1 and a half to classic, and I know for sure I havn't got them all.

Yes, this week was supposed to be the special page of extra-awesome Sonic merchandise, but it got delayed. The clothing storage folder of pictures had a total ton in there, and also: it was easy. I am currently excited over a new art penning technique and wanted something that would go up fast so I could have a bit of time to try it out. The extra-awesome page is also trouble because it needs a cool title, and some sorting of merchandise. Still, it will likely go up with this week's update.