Monday, September 21, 2009

Toys R us losing exclusive on Sonic?

A busy week with lots of news for the site, so lets get started:

All broken images should now be fixed. A rash of them went awry in fanworks.

Fan Items freak out continues. They've really learned how to 'game the system' which is to bury every other piece of news or info under floods of fan items so nothing else gets done. To try and avert dissapointment, this night sees a sort of mini 'part 2' update to squeeze in everything that got flattened in the flood.

IS ToysR Us losing their exclusive on JW Sonic?
If the new CMDStore photos are correct...they may well be. See the Jazwares Small Line page on SonicGear for the photo and more. I can only consider this a GOOD thing because of all the complaints TRU gets on figures such as chronic under-stocking, mailing highly damaged figures if you order on line and typical "Big Box Retail" attitude with phone and customer service. Have I had something happen? Yes. Bent up box on the JUVI Metal Sonic who could only be ordered online, numerous hang-ups when calling them on the phone looking for figures, and having to explain to employees what the store carries. (ARGH it's exclusive TO YOUR STORE and I have to tell you that it is??)

A few early shots are in for 10inch Metal Sonic:
Impressive. Price point is HOT at only 16 dollars too, for that kind of detail. I believe the original Giant Talkin' Sonic was 19.99 (ReSaurus) and the ToyIsland GiantTalking figures were around 18 or so. Granted, they talked, but the level of detail on MS, I don't even need to explain. Hopefully nation-wide/countries wide release will be solid and fast because scalping potential is high on something that looks as collectible as this.

Out of the fan things...
The perler beads are still pretty neat, anyone in pixel art should really grab some of them unless they're prohibitivly expensive or something.
A lot of figures...hopefully everyone won't need to make their own figures just to have their favorite people, now that Jazwares is on the job.

3 ponies actually turned up this week...but the small one Hasbro seems to have confused a chihuahua with a pony as the thing looks like a dog. Of course, it's not the fans' fault, but there's only so much to do with a mutant dog. The other 2 are quite pony like and the "Sonic-izing" of them is very strange in a good way. When oddball stuff like this pops up it's always interesting to see because you'd never think that these things would mix but...lo..there they go!

The struggle for some variety in the update seems to have prevailed, even if it didn't get through enough of the mail. Hopefully everyone won't be storming around the inbox now wondering what the heck happened to their stuff.

Next week:
Hopefully back to some kind of mail-bag variety. Maybe Summer Of Sonic if that doesn't get avalanched on again.