Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Ordinary Update

A pretty ordinary update.
No big news pieces, no amazingly different items. But there was plenty of variety, and plenty of items, so it was a good one. Mail is doing better too, getting down into some of the older ones that needed responding. Hopefully the senders won't be as dissapointed now...

Curiosity piece:
Why does Europe get a Sonic related prize for the Winter Games contest, but the USA doesn't? It's not like they're bashing the USA...it still gets a prize, but it's just a generic bag (runner up) and the grand is a TV. EU gets a Sonic/Mario theme display-snowboard (full size) and no TV. Sure, who wouldn't want a TV and it does make sense (you want to play games on TV) but it just seemed a little strange.

Rumor mill
Yes lots of people are sending in "THIS IS Who is going to be on Jazwares Line 2 aaah!" and then not enclosing any source. Who agrees? The list is a mile long if I actually combined all the things I get in the mail. Everyone from Espio to the Tornado to Blaze is said to be on the line...but nothing's getting published until someone actually comes up with some authority or PROOF of who is really going to be on the line, not just some made-up wish-list that makes for a bogus announcement.

Return of Crud?
A previous post wondered about the Calander of Crud. Well, wonder no more, at least for now as a 'fresh' new doll appears and the Halloween Sonic gets a better photo. Better really should be subjective here because the nicer lighting really highlights how awful it is. The patchy hat, the pink polka-dot tights. Yes I just DID write that in a sentance "Sonic is wearing pink polkadot tights". Some officially licensed company (Toynetwork, the usual culprits) somehow put THAT past Sega and onto the market. One may never know how or why...
The new addition is just a curious green-shoe Sonic. Is he St. Pats? Is he just strange? Who knows....certainly not like to by ToyNetwork.

Next week:
Hopefully more variety and more of the same! With the mail on such a roll, be on the look out for Store possibilities too. Hopefully people will be able to actually find a good selection of Sonic gifts for the holidays this year if I can get the place in order enough.