Monday, February 18, 2013

Odd Old Items Continue to Impress

This week's update was all about pins.
Yes...apparently there are still enough pins to provide a theme. Which is well as some of the pin prices. (as you'll soon see) This week and last week also saw the addition of old items & odd items. It never stops being amazing (to me at least) that there are STILL things NOBODY's seen that turn up from the 1990s. This is 2013! They went that long without being discovered?

Molding Kit:
Placing plaster pins on schoolbags is a bad idea...but that didnt stop this molding kit from being made. It's a fairly large item too, how did that slip past all the fans for all this time? It's interesting craft project / kiddie thing, so it was fun to see as well. Someone just turned up when they were cleaning out the attic.

Also a whole mascot suit went slipping into the history...non..books...because no one in the USA likely knew that Australia even had a "blue arms mistake" mascot suit up until the last update. How about that photo too? It's so old its got those artifact things or big pixels in it.
The suit makes me strongly suspect that Australia was attempting to re-design Sonic without permission from anyone, with how prevalent that 'blue arms' thing is in all their merch. SOMEbody had to be passing it by quality control and approving it. I do wonder what the real story is behind all that. There's got to be some sort of interesting explanation for it all. Their "Darling" series was SatAm & Sally, and his arms weren't blue that's not the source of it.

Pin Greed:
The Super Sonic pin, do you believe that? Got bid up to something like 541, but then it STILL DIDNT meet the reserve! Don't want to be rude but -- How greedy can you get over a metal and enamel pin? I'd love to know the reserve on that thing...600 or 1000? Who did they think would spend? Plus, with it being so rare, it didn't go onto High End because what's the actual value of it? Not like the crystal cup or silver ring, where the initial value was really high, and it just went up more, were the bids a fluke? Who knows...

Items article:
This is a cool article to read (with links to ebay) as its all about Sonic stuff and the prices it goes for. Everything's already on gear, but its a good look. Do keep in mind that eventually the links in it will fail.

Article Discovered by ShadowFoxx757

Wanted Gear:
Got an item off it, added 3 more onto it...apparently AllStars Racing is going all over some of the new shirts. If anybody's got a Sears around, there's lots of ez-get photo ops with these tees. Like...3 are 'little kids' sizes too (annoying) so no one will want to collect them.

The update actually went pretty well this time.
Everything for the week went on, and the mail decreased slightly. If everything's light enough this week, hopefully next time can be a books / old mail clean up.