Monday, June 08, 2009

Buried by Bootlegs!

Oh no its a flood of funky garbage!
For some reason the bootleg barf flood just keeps on coming. Tacky tickets and stupid iron ons mess up the day. While some can be somewhat amusing (Yeah, how about that Luigi x Sonic cross toy??) most are just dumb junky things that get stale waiting for bids on ebay. However, with the mega amounts of these things pouring in (esp. this time) they're squeezing out other things that people really WANT to see.

Do you want to see a fake button that you've already seen a billion of
A really cool Sonic ____ you can buy?

Everyone comes to SonicGear to see the neatest, strangest, rarest, and most interesting things. But this update they can see the most fakest things. Hopefully that'll be almost all of the current gimmicky fakes because this update was a MEGA load of stuff because not all of it was good.

Pretty much a mixed bag this time, without anything too out of the ordinary. Got a few facts cleared up, sprinkled in some Japan things. "International Unknown" had an item with the SHORTEST run EVER. The run of existance there was about 20 minutes, so if you blinked you'll of missed it. The item in question was the TGS Sonic prize doll. Someone sent a photo, but not where it was from. Someone else sent the same doll but knew precicely what it was. As the update was being completed! It's good that it's cleared up though.

The call for help went out this week vs. 'regular Sonic's' UPC code.
They SHOULD have called him "Sonic Unleashed Sonic the Hedgehog" as opposed to "Sonic Unleashed Sonic the Werehog". But they didn't, so you can't call toys R us and easily ask for him. If you do, they'll say yes, but when you get there all they have is the Super poser. (Well you DID ask for SONIC and they TECHNICALLY have him...) So that's why we need the UPC.

Why is this figure so important?
He's going to go into the next SonicGear commercial--it's perfect for it! Also, no one deserves to pay 3x the price for a figure. Hopefully someone can help out and send in the code.

What's next?
Probably more variety/mail bag. Should also have Sonic Universe on there as well, it was going to be this week but bootleg bonanza ruined it.