Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Archie Post: Mecha-Sally Plotfail?

This is a totally off topic for the site post!
If you don't collect the Archie Sonic Comics then....you won't care. If you do...and you know this blog, you'll also know they're not approved of here all the time, for various reasons. So here goes another one!

As you know Sally has been robotosized in a recent issue.
This is actually her second time for it, the first one occurring quite early in the series and lasting like half an issue before they 'fixed her'. This one, clearly a larger point has to stick around longer. The set up for it was actually good, a noble sacrifice on her part, etc etc. Everyone's really moved by it and all, and Robotnick (and in the Archie verse it'll ALWAYS be Robotnick, even though they say the word 'eggman' for him) has been tearing up heck with her ever since.

"The most evil threat to Mobius Ever!! MECHA SALLY OMG"

But has anyone taken a look at WHY that's supposed to be true?
(if they did, it falls apart in 1 second)

What has the comic & the show stated a billion times about Sally?
What makes her special is that she is supposed to be this big tactical genius. She's not great because she's a princess, a mixed-species creature, a girl, a love-interest, or because she's super strong. She's supposed to be great because she is SMART. That's IT. That's like...the extent of her power aside from getting like really super preferential writing. Everything else she's merely good at because of practice & etc. (sword fighting, kung fu, hacking, & whatever flavor of the week people think it's cool to have) Again though...being talented at something takes some thought...it's not a magic power.

What is the nature of "being robotosized"?
It turns the person into a (and I QUOTE) "Mindless SLAVE of Robotnick"

Mindless. Slave.
That means no will, no smarts, no planning. All the "robo people" do is follow his orders and that's IT. So robotosizing her would do absolutely NOTHING to make her 'deadlier' in any way. It nullifies the SINGLE thing she was actually good at, which was tactics/brains. She had 0 inherent physical talents that this process could "pick on" to make some sort of super robot.

Robotosized Sonic?
Whatever is making him fast will make the robot fast. You don't need a brain to do that.
Robotosized Shadow?
Still might be able to Chaos Control. Still no brain needed.
Robotosized Mighty?
Still gonna be super strong.
You can go on and on with the rest of the chars while having it be somewhat believable.

But mindless-izing "the smart one" just doesn't work in the continuity.

WHY is she "such a threat"?
She should be the total opposite of a threat. Unless the book explains it in a future issue it won't make sense and that's only going by THEIR own continuity! I'd put a good nickle down on the bet that they won't ever explain why her robo form is so "Mega Powerful & Dangerous".

"Well then, that would stink! There's be no story there!"
Robotnick robo's her, expecting this great thing. Instead, she's a mindless slave, just like their every plot says she would be. She's no good. She's a disappointing because he robbed her of her only power. He's furious. Until he realizes...he can repeatedly put her in danger now.

FF's threatening your base?
Oh no, Mecha Sally is standing in the way of their guns. Better not shoot.
FF's shooting down your Eggrubbish?
Oh no, Mecha Sally is on board, better not crash it!

She's like the perfect hostage who you can command to endanger itself. She'll never try to run away and you can command her to walk into a wall of flames if it'll distract 'that hedgehog' so you can get away with whatever. She's DEVASTATING but in a totally STRANGE FRESH way that can still torment the cast. So now, they've got to fight her without harming her, keep her from self-harm AND fight Robotnick. It all fits with their cannon, and it works. He would love to keep her around because he knows the FF's would never lay a finger on her, no matter how many times she's at the middle of his mess.

Monday, April 02, 2012

Of Super Posers & Fighters

The update went out on time again!
Which seems to be a feat, recently...hopefully that's fixed as the mail finally gets a little better. The update had pretty good variety as well, and now the image bin is almost down to the end of that big SonicTeam image dump they did a while back. I think maybe 2 or 3 things left.

Item of the week:
Has to be the Sonic Championship / The Fighters arcade cabinet. How they managed to collect that thing I have no idea. My understanding of it is that there were VERY VERY few cabinets made, and the majority of them were in Japan. And by 'majority' that means something like 5 or so. There were what...2..? in the USA? One was always in Vegas, the other was...what was it, California? I, personally, saw the one in Vegas (I think any fan who ever goes into that area makes sure to go see it) So there's the whole "its huge" plus the "its rare" and the "it was very expensive to begin with" part all working against anyone who hoped to actually collect this one. Really, it is a star.

Irritability of the week:
Silver Super Poser Announced. That's great for Silver fans (of course, I grudge no char except maybe Big) but does Super Poser Silver mean Shadow & Sonic will stink forever?

(The news for this is in the "Headline News" section of the index...no there's no photo yet. ToyWiz got wind of it somehow and posted up some CG art of Silver to make people pre order)

As everyone's aware, JW bought up the old molds for Toy Island's Super Poser Sonic & Shadow. They then openly insulted the fans by 'painting the Sonic yellow' and saying he was 'super Sonic' in a blatant money grubbing grab at completion-ists & non-fan parents who they could trick. So it's not like these old molds are having some kind of 'sentimental value with ANYone thanks to that kind of behavior.

The problem is, these old lame molds with their lanky, noodly limbs, fat wrists, knobby joints that are loose & off-model heads stand out like an ugly sore thumb among Jazwares better offerings for SP Tails & SP Knuckles. Of course, they'd be dis-inclined to make the molds again (and "waste" money) because they can keep churning out screwball looking figures via the old molds but.....

Sonic & Shadow are 2 of the "Most Wanted" figures like...out of all of them.
But now, they're jinxed (or junk-sed??) simply because Toy Island got to them first with their bad sculpting ability. Jazwares CAN do better for Sonic & Shadow but......will they?

Mysterious thing of the week:
Sonic Visa Card.
Yeah for real...but why? This thing was before all the 'put the uploaded photo onto the CC' gimmickry they've got today. It IS a real visa unless ST didn't know what they were talking about or the googletrans failed their description for it. It went onto misc goods because really.....that's like the last thing you're going to be able to categorize. Very strange, very interesting.

Slovakia makes a red doll...
This thing lurks in bootlegs. It seems sort of sad that the first known Sonic item from there is a bootleg though. It would be really cool if each country made & shared with the Earth Sonic things. I've never understood "well we don't want to sell X there". Well why not? Do they not like money? Is it too hard to send things around the continents? I guess there are a bunch of different answers, but if I ever made anything I'd be sure everyone who wanted it could be able to get it.