Monday, June 24, 2013

Busy Week of Birthday Updates

It was the big "Birthday Week" of updates this past week.
Every year for Sonic's birthday, the site updates every single day of the week of his birthday. It has made it run out of time for most blog posts though. However, there's a good bit of detail built up due to the loads of items being added to the site.

1. There was some behind-the-scenes
You'll notice some of the days were lighter on 'stuff'. This was link fixing and sprucing up how some of the pages displayed. There's more links on the index too. (like if blah blah page 4 was on the index, and 5 was should be up now.

2. New thing: read-a-page
With most things that are full of tiny type, I try to summarize whatever it is so the image isn't gigantic. However this trade publication 2 page spread was a different story. It was so big and had so much info that a new page type was created: the "read a page".
We'll see if anyone likes it. Once the article gets old, it'll go down into a smaller graphic with some summary & hopefully be replaced with something relevant to the new time.

3. The crossover Worlds Collide - volunteered
I know tons of fans are curious about all the special covers, some of whom can't/didnt want to afford loads of the same books just to get the variations they did. Fortunately a generous fan has volunteered their efforts and WILL be getting scans of every single alternate cover so I can do a gallery on Gear. This is really the essence of what Gear providing for others a look at stuff they wouldn't normally be able to see / get ,while also not spoiling the original item.

4. Is Resident Lilly the real thing?
It looks that way. You'll have no doubt seen by now the new link in the ReSaurus area of prototypes. One of the developers apparently got onto Deviant Art and shared the designs once Re went out of biz. Interesting to see.

5. Oooooold stuff ahoy!
This super week always offers a great opportunity to dig down into the older emails. Mails sometimes get buried under a flood of new things. Then, it's a fight to keep the inbox clear of other new items each week, and the poor old mail just stays buried. That's how....the Cherry Coke Van from 2009 only got on yesterday! Talk about ancient.

The goal has always been to clear up EVERY old mail so that every submission gets onto the site. Also, everyone who sends in a new thing should also have their effort acknowledged. So if you've sent in something ages ago and never saw it / got an could be coming up soon!

So the mail count is down to about 119 after sitting at like I think 139 for aaaages. It'll be lower after the big bday update (the actual birthday-day I always try to put as much stuff on as possible)

What's next?
Hopefully more old stuff. The site would be much more efficient if there wasn't that back log of items always sitting around. But, we'll see how the new things go too as JW is set to put more stuff on the market at any minute. And I don't mean that mistake-batch purple SBK Shadow that's been popping up. (odd thing!)