Sunday, December 12, 2010

Regular old update

A nearly normal update!

Lots of things on lots of pages, but none of them particularly 'new'. Loads of new images have come in, but the swamp of back-logged ones need to be cleared out first. Progress is being made though, and the mail is clearing up.

The broken pages are still standing in the way by hogging up time. Still no solution for having to re-build them from scratch every time one appears. USA Clothes 10, JW Small Line 3, JW Racers 1 & 2 and JW Small Line have been hit, both of which are image & text loaded full pages...making them a huge time sink to have to fix for no good reason. The others are pure nightmare to fix. It'll be a great day when all of those are removed/cured and an update can simply progress normally.

Normal updating?
I'm thinking...that this bettergolive will actually result in faster updates with more stuff on them. I'm VERY curious to test the theory, but can't do it with all these stupid busted pages throwing time in the trash!

*If you have had trouble viewing Jazwares Racers's fixed now.
(Was likely doing 404 errors, or having nothing but broken images since an unknown point in time) It is now cured.

TLDR: About a ton of work went into this update, but it doesn't look that way

Item of the week:
Has to be the enormous Sonic Colors banner. The thing is just silly huge. What is it, 20, or 30 ft? It's fantastic that they gave it as a prize, but what is anyone really going to do with it? How do you fold it? How heavy is it? It's pretty much got to be 1 of a kind. It's a neat thing to see, but totally unsure what anyone would do with it to try and display it. Where was it hung originally?

Dissapointment of the week:
Figures de-carding themselves as the glue degrades. The figure pulls itself off the back-card dropping the bubble. Very annoying for anyone who worked to keep anything pristine. No particular prevention method other than 'avoid humidity'.

Next update:
Yes...once again looking for a mid-week deal to try and mow down more mail and actually get into recent items. CLEAR Espio, anyone? The shots are in but with busted pages my hands are tied. It'll have JW stuff on it for sure, likely a new page of it on the way as well.