Sunday, August 19, 2018

Sega Shop Symptom: Boring Bottle & More

Because the SegaShop is so prolific, you'll have likely noticed the updates being made out of a lot of their stuff lately. This is because #1...they're prolific & #2...nobody else really is at the time? I mean sure, there's some things but without Sears & JC Penny doing much in the way of tees, TRU closing USA stores...there's not been much outlet for new things. Plus, the end of summer can be a little slow on merch for some reason anyway.

The why isn't the reason for the post, it's the 'what'. So it's time for an opinion.

Opinion Zone 1
A lot of the Sega Shop merchandise is boring. It ISNT designed at all. Someone pasting stock art onto an item is not 'designing an item'--and that's just what they're doing. It's basically the same as your run of the mill bootleggers. They're USING "fake junk" tactics but it can't be called "fake junk" because they are the copyright holder. OOoohhh a plain white bottle with an outline of Knuckles' face on it wow we work so hard to make cool things. NOT.
After sifting through bootleg garbage and phony tees all these years for Gear lots of this stuff looks like it belongs on the same bin. Yes this does include the toaster because you know just how they did it too...sent an order to China with the solid Sonic face graphic & had them whip it up. It's just like the fake party supplies, room signs & dumb iron ons that fill up ebay every day. There is no design going on at all, nobody is thinking about it beyond grabbing a dollar.

Probably not an opinion:
Sega Shop stuff CAN be too expensive for what it is. There's no reason a cardboard, thin wire & lined paper notebook should cost 16.00. There is 0 reason for that. I also feel a lot of the clothing is over priced too and have to wonder why. Everything's not over priced, the toaster is actually pretty reasonable. A 50 dollar sweatshirt hoodie can be understandable in large men's size.

"Careful With The Dog"
That's the name of the Mexican online shop selling the Sonic tees. What's interesting is that it's supposed to mean "Beware of the Dog", but the language doesn't have the word "Beware" so it uses "Careful" which is like "Careful with the plate it is porcelain" and not "Beware of the porcelain plate". Why didn't they invent the word Beware? Or some similar word with a connotation of 'danger to you', not 'you're a danger to it if you're not cautious'.

Opinion Zone 2
Funko Pop Sonic is ugly. The shirt is ugly too. I think all the Sonic characters look stupid and bad... even scary as POPs. I don't hate POPs in general, like ones where they poppyfy 'normal' characters like Marvel ones, comic book people, movie stuff. Fine. I don't think they're cute, but I can see why people would like them. I wouldn't collect any, but that is an opinion & I can clearly see how others can have a different one about that.
However, I actively dislike the Sonic ones & don't see how they could appeal. Sonic is ALREADY of odd proportions, is stylized, has 1 making him even more extremely deformed and adding another layer of weird different style to him just makes him bad, not cute or fun. The blank dead dot eyes don't read well at all in his single eyeball setup. The other characters don't benefit either. POP should be reserved to characters of normal-er proportioning.

Knuckles Update:
It's no secret that I am a big Knuckles fan. I think he is fun & cool, and having a Knuckles feature update was entertaining to do.

Next week:
Did you guess more sweat shirts? Then you're right.