Monday, December 15, 2008

Sonic Crafts- Make your own!

Well, the new section is finally up.
"Sonic Crafts" has been 'pending' for ages. Mostly due to the overload of mail (no, its still not cleared out) and also due to the fact that it needed more than 1 type of craft to be available for its debut. When hauling out a whole new section for the site, it has to FEEL like a real new section. I don't like releasing "oh coming soon" type of content, it just feels flimsy and that you were trying to get people worked up for nothing much. Sure the 'good stuff' might eventually get rolled out, but when SonicGear does something, it needs to really be somethin'.

So...Crafts was launched with both "Paper" and "Food" projects available. Cloth is the pending one, along with anything else catagory wise that can be thought up and a tutorial provided. There's still plenty to do though, in those sections. This should be a hit for people who A) can't afford every expensive Sonic thing that comes along and B) anyone who likes creativity and wants to combine it with Sonic.

Paper is what the name suggests, you're basically sculpting Sonic items out of paper that you print from patterns. It's also ALL company provided, either by ST or 4Kids at this point, and ranges from really simple (cubic Sonic!) to really complicated (a real 'paper airplane') Since companies obviously sponsored some creative something to get these done (, in the case of 4kids) then why are they also on Gear?

As stated on the page "Companies are Fickle" you can bet that as soon as SonicX goes off the air 4kids will be tearing down their (large!) PDFs of those cubic figures. THEN who gets to make them? Answer: No one. If you didn't download it at that time you're out of luck, permenently once some big wig decides to pull the plug!
So, in steps SonicGear. The permenent home of everything Sonic. No one's ever going to pull the plug on these crafts because there are ALWAYS new Sonic fans who haven't tried them/will appriciate them. It's not about the $$ with this, it's about the fans.

SonicTeam, I trust more. (well if anyone's going to be about Sonic, you'd think it's them) so the site just links to theirs. However...if they decide to move/change/delete any of those, Gear's retaining back ups of the files for speedy restoration.

Sonic theme mini paper xmas tree is for some reason extremely charming.

The other section is Food, but the project isn't a food. It's a cookie cutter. In this instance, the instructions/photos are all mine. With the cookie-cooking season here right now, it's important to jam Sonic in there somehow, so why not make zillions of festive treats shaped like his head. That's the theory, at least, for anyone who feels like making the cookie cutter.

Really though, the directions are a tad long, and make it sound harder than it is, so hopefully people will try it anyway. I want to add to this section with cookie decorating instructions so you can get it more Sonic-like. But not right away because the mail piled up.

No, all of it still hasn't been gotten to, but now (likely wed. again) I can tackle more of it and hopefully get the numbers down and satisfaction of viewers to go up. What should appear? Shirts of USA. Yes TopHeavy has been busy this season...