Thursday, January 26, 2006

A Car Disaster

Why is the site update late? Why is the update so small?
Well...bad news again for Sonic Gear. This time, someone has hit the official car of Sonic gear. This car was a wonderful vehicle, great for transporting all kinds of Sonic the Hedgehog merchandise, as well as just about anything else you could fit in the spacious interior. It never said a peep, or gave anyone a problem.

Infact, this car has a record better than many (or any!) other car around today. It cost a total of $2000 to keep it in perfect health for FIVE years. All maint, all tires, all oil...everything. No other car could top it, save for a new one. It's pennies a day! With its luxury ride, cloth seating, excellent shocks (you can barely feel a speed bump, try THAT in a sports car), and spacious interior it was an ideal. It was low maint. low insurance, and anti-theft! (no one steals older cars)

However, it all came to an end, when some idiot was watching kids play basket ball, drove across 4 lanes of empty street, and slammed into the back end of poor, poor, parked car. Pushing it 6 feet bent the frame and ruined the back corner, rendering it illegal to drive. (no tail light/break light etc) It happened on monday of last week. Time has been taken up by this whole fiasco, which is looking to not end well.

When anyone looks at the car, all they see is an older machine with shiny gray paint. They don't see the above paragraph, they don't see the 'pennies a day', they can't see it competing with new cars, although it can and does. So, although their insurance will can never pay enough to bring about a vehicle of equal trust and value.

So, by being dull and inattentive, they've taken away something that can't be replaced, and proven that paying insurance is pretty much useless in the sense that insurance companies advertise it. It won't EVER replace what you lost, the pay-out is not equal to the damage. No one can properly assess it. They can't compensate time, energy, or a car that rarely ever asked anything of anyone.

Has anyone got a car they don't need? To a good home?