Monday, January 09, 2012

Almost Through the 20th Photo Dump

Well, it's been weeks & weeks...
But the site is almost through with the 20th Anniversary photo dump that SonicTeam had on their anniversary site a while back. That gallery thing was a prime candidate for getting taken down once the anniversary passed, so all the photos (that werent already on) were preserved.

This week sees the number of remaining items hitting almost the bottom, which is great. The mail had so many things in it each week that extra stuff slowed down the effort at getting everything posted. So it'll be a good milestone, and a nice blast of cool stuff to see this all finished off.

Naturally, since it was ST itself, they had a hold of some cool/rare things which you can see this week and likely next as well. They've been sprinkling onto the site since the gallery was uncovered. And no, it wasn't just Japan items, they had stuff from all over the globe, which is also to be expected as well as interesting.

The last of the stuff will see some really good all-around shots of the famously expensive chao plushes, more patches, some phone cards and still more prizes / watches.

There also should be a 2nd update this week.
The 2nd update will see more variety as it digs into the mail that came in for the week and tries to fix up some stuff as well. Fix what?

Knitting Pattern (you know the story....on wantedgear)
Papercraft external hosted links

Well, with the papercraft, everyone knew those would go down eventually too. Networks are fickle by nature and have to take away anything that's not relevant to what they're showing right now. It appears that the time has come and they broke the links. But, as usual prediction helps with prevention of loss! The files to make the crafts will switch to  SonicGear's hosting instead and the links will be re-established for fun.

SOPA's still a threat so here goes more news against it. (Remember, it'd kill blogger too because if 1 blog links to something it shouldn't, they can close the whole site. They can still close it even if no blog links to anything, just by making false accusations too)

SOPA Junk of the day:
Just how out of touch with reality are the pro-SOPA fools?

Look at this guy here:

"Google oppose sopa because they get their money from illegal downloads".
Srsly. WTH dude?

No they oppose sopa because it'd shut down the majority of the internet, and they make money by being a search engine OF the internet. If it gets down to 5 stupid sites no one wants to visit, well then there's not much need to search then is it?

"The State Department doesn't want SOPA"
Well gee. Their whole State Department agenda of trying to discourage crackpot dictators, country oppressors, rulers who the people didn't vote in & etc ...doesn't fit in with 'shut down the internet so that the people can't speak to get rid of anyone oppressing them'. Of course the state department doesn't like it. They're trying to promote freedom everywhere! They'll look like morons if they try to promote freedom while the other hand shuts down freedom. It's dictatorly, it's what they're trying to stop elsewhere--why let SOPA get away with it here?

China doesn't want the communists to learn about democracy, so it censors the internet. Wherever was having a revolt didn't want the people to revolt so well, so it wanted to block twitter because they were trying to use it to coordinate against a badguy. Is stuff like that oppressive? YES. Would SOPA be? YES. And not just because of what it is, because it's already been proven that people will get away with abusing it left and right.

You don't even have to do anything bad.
You dont have to break even 1 law.
All they have to do is SAY you did, and you'll spend so much with court costs that you'll go out of biz forever even if you were right all along and 100% legal. Veoh died as proof:

The story is a bit long but worth a read.