Tuesday, June 07, 2016

Sonic's Birthday Month 2016

It's June!
And that means Sonic's birthday. The rumor mill (as it does every year) is beginning to crank along because this date is prime time for any announcements they might want to make regarding Sonic. The official Twitter (of Sonic/Sega) has been fanning the mill a bit posting things about music and showing a ring & some pixel art and stuff. All of which seems to be being taken well, because it's not more Boom. (Remember, "Everything Boom" leaves out ALL the classic fans AND ALL the modern fans too--it's only natural these two groups would like new news.)

Speculation Zone:
Some new game announcement like Generations 2 or something non-boom will be announced around Sonic's birthday.

Opinion Zone:
GOOD. It's about time.

Item of the week:
GE Classic Metal Sonic Plush. This thing looks great! BUT it is missing a detail. He's missing the horizontal shoe stripe around the bottom of each shoe. However they've proven they can fix errors before the release, so hopefully this is the case here & they do...because a doll this good shouldn't be marred by some glaring error like that.
Why it's good:
Robots are hard to do in plush because robots = angularity which plush is bad at naturally
They actually bothered to sew in details like the layered arms/legs/bolts & really sculpted the shoulder cuffs.
Could this be the "Best yet Metal Sonic plush" yet made? It could. If they fix the feet.

GE plush is KICKING Tomy's butt. Kicking it! "Everything you can do, I can do better!" And it's true. Why Tomy got chosen for the plush license I'll never know because they're only 1 baby step above Jazwares who was pathetic at it for the most part. They should stick to plastic toys which they're at least pretty good at. It's fantastic to see GE carrying the classic Sonic torch forward with such great quality like this.

"Sonic dies merchandise"
What's the deal with stuff where Sonic is dying/dead on it? The pixel cap this week is really nicely done/quality but who wants to wear around 'dying Sonic' to announce they're bad at the game? Or to collect/display pictures of him being dead/losing?

Rio Olympics:
Well, it got an arcade game, at least. I guess people are sweating this games because of disease (Zika is dangerous & sickness/danger ruins all enthusiasm) and also poor venues. Will it start affecting the Sonic Mario Summer games game?

Boom Bonus:
Fire & Ice pre order bonus has been announced...and it's...episodes of the show.
Good? I guess? The show hasn't been released on DVD (yet--but it's a pretty safe bet that they will do so to get money later) so I guess it's the first way to own episodes since most people just seem to be viewing it online. It's also to try and associate the game with the better-received show to hopefully gain more fans.

Next week:
More rare Japanese posters, the 25th Anniv. collector coin (what this goes to is unknown) and hopefully more, because at least there's news now / something's gong on finally