Friday, October 07, 2011

About Back to Normal...

Well the site is about back to normal.
Mail volume is almost down to where it was before the JW flood, and seems to be looking good. But the big news of the week was the super big

Store Update!

The Gear Store had a little mermaid infestation and too many of those blinking orange boxes that come out when something sells out. Really everything that goes out of there should become the blinking box, but for some reason some of the items had been switching to irrelevant things like Ariels and Otters & Naruto things. Everything should be restored now though. So it's basically the perfect time to USE the store, if you're going to. The store is best stocked when it is the freshest.

2 new pages join the store:
Posters Home Decor store & Party Supply Store
And the main store page had a bit of an overhaul too, to get all of the posters off of it and onto home decor. It's great to see how long lasting a lot of the items really are. The original flat rubber keychains are years old now, and offline have been long, long gone. However, they're well liked so it's nice to see the links being maintained in the store. The other surprising thing (as usual) is how badly categorized some of the things in there are. You'd NEVER find a lot of the items, even if you looked really hard on the 'customer side search'. Either the sellers stocking them don't know what they are, or people have loaded the category with zillions of totally irrelevant things and buried the Sonic thing.

Not that the rest of the site update was any bad...
Plenty of things still went on, including the Sonic Locks. Cute little locks are item of the week. I imagine they are the locks from the ancient official photo on Misc JP 1, but with the small size it's hard to tell. Little fully figural sets like this are what really sets apart the Japanese collectability. Everywhere else would of just done a Sonic lock and been done with it. But it's just so much more fun with mini Eggman, Tails & Amy too.

Next week:
Likely will highlight some magazines, and the blog should have an Archie announcement. Hopefully can start digging into older mail as well.