Sunday, April 16, 2006

Sonic Action Figure Mystery Nearly Solved

Quite the exciting time...
If you're into Sonic the Hedgehog action figures, that is. In one week, we've gone from "Stale Sonic Adventure 1" figure line to THREE whole new lines of figures, plus a re-release on the oldies. With bonus keychains, no less.

Only 1 mystery figure remains without a photo, and that's the final guy from the Emerald-including line. My bet is on either a Sonic dupe, Eggman or Big the Cat. Because Bokkun Decoe Bocoe wouldn't get done before the big egg himself, and Big was featured in a bunch of the games, even though he was unpopular.

The only frusteration with these things is the typical problem: DISTRIBUTION.
Gah. I have been ALL OVER the darn place hunting these figures from ANY of the lines and only come up with sparse SpaceFighters Sonic. It's like they only released that one guy, and are holding back. What stores are supposed to have them? Where are these Ebay slicks getting their figures?

Naturally Ebay is bustling with people madly over-charging for the figs. It happens all the time on toys like this. Anyone who sees them in their stores first buys 'em up and Ebays' them for like triple price to scalp the newcomers or the "I gotta-getit-firsts" people.

So basically 'patience patience' and keep checking Toys R US Big Lots KB Toys/Works until the figures come in. I can't wait to get my hands on them and do full reviews for

Back to Sonic Riders!
Of course it's the pesty saga of money-pinching irritation that no one wants to hear from the pre-order.
* The shirt came.
*ALONE in a busted up manilla envelope.
I was like "all right!" when it came, but then open it up and there's no game. So I wrote them again. I'm counting and this is the FIFTH email I've had to send those pests just to get what I ordered like months ago--of course they've had the money from the credit card this entire time too...No word back, but can't expect it since it's technically the weekend. We'll see what the week brings, and hopefully that'll be Riders, because viewers on Gear deserve a review.

Expect a mid-week update due to a KB or Big Lots trip, and possibly a Riders review if that makes it in. Good luck to all for Sonic the Hedgehog Action Figure hunting!