Monday, July 05, 2010

July 4th Update

Not really.
Update was actually delayed 1 day due to the holiday. But, it's up in full-force with a nice selection of things.

Headline News:It doesn't change much, but it DOES pay to watch it. This week a live link was added to an online store for UK people to buy JW figures at something close to 'regular retail'. (I am so tired of stores trying to fleece the fans just because limited availability is on their side...ugh)

Item of the week:
Wierd official Sega Crew leather jacket. "Employees Only" stuff is notoriously rare to see (yeah, why DONT the employees take a picture of it? Certainly it can't be forbidden to photo your own shirt. Or are employees non-fans because they're 'sick of working there'?) and this jacket is no exception. It looks quite quality, as it's real leather and seems thick. So then...why is the Sonic design so BAD?
I've seen less-shifty stock art on bootlegs. The letters and everything are beautifully embroidered but then you get to Sonic and it's just....why didn't they fix him up first? From a distance he looks fine, but the over-done brow, missing eye-shine-dot, and sort of odd eye placement is strange. Then, what's up with the joker/pirate/skull thing on the front? That only adds to the mystery. Hopefully someone will know what it's all about.

WTH of the week: Sonic 'sound effects' shirt. "Yeah, we'll make a Sonic tee, classic style, with that 'worn out design' look that everyone can't get enough of, then we'll write BONG BONG on it for no apparent reason!" Really now? Is THAT how that happened? Is that even a sound effect in ANY Sonic game? Some things we may never know.

Youtube is NOT a reliable way to contact SonicGear! They're iffy with their messages, and sometimes their interface breaks. MSN doesn't always agree with their notifications. I don't always get an email notification that a youtube message was sent. They can sit in there for AGES because I'm not on it much, and especially so if it doesn't alert me. If you have news, photos, videos, links...anything DO use email to send it, and don't rely on youtube communication. It works sometimes but it's not the best.

(just uncovered some seriously ancient notes people must be wondering "Well what happened to..." that they sent in) If I respond to them, what'll happen?

The mail continues to decrease.
Next update: MAY be another 'bonus time update'. Those don't get a date header, but they do appear in the update roster, so keep on the look out. Starting to dig into some of the older-older mails now, dating from around the start of the mess back in feb/jan where things began to go awry. Progress is great to see!