Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Well, the update may be on time...
But the blog post is technically late, coming along with the 2nd update for the week. However, hopefully the updates well stay on schedule better now.

The big news of the week is obviously the First 4 Figures 2nd series release.
Sega leaked their photos to Summer of Sonic to help hype the event, as they will be raffling off a the big Super Sonic as well as holding give-aways of the smaller figures for attendees of the convention. This is a great thing to do for the fans! It'll really help make the SoS a lot of fun. The Figure 6 Pack is also an excellent idea. If it's not outrageously priced, I'll be getting one.

Data on WHERE to buy and HOW MUCH the figure 6 pack will be is NOT YET released as of this blog posting. F4F should be adding the info to their site when it is ready.

You might notice:
All the pages updated this week are free of spelling errors. The way the pages are created/updated makes them VERY easy to commit spelling errors on, but VERY hard to catch or fix them. The spell checking process is long and arduous and cuts down on the amount of items able to be posted. So we'll see how long it goes on for. (is this caused by newgolive being rotten? Why YES IT IS. How did you guess.)

Pest of the week:
MSN's hotmail (And maybe msn itself) has decided to have some arbitrary update/upgrade to itself. Other than "making all the mail take really long to load" I'm not sure how this is helping anyone. So far it just seems like a nuisance.

Minor Announcement:
Bootleg shirt submissions CLOSED. (mostly)
Basically until further notice. An announcement was posted on Bootlegs 10, and any shirts sent in from this point on are likely to get rejected. There are literally INIFINITE art bits that can be ironed onto anything. 1,000s of shirts can be submitted, all fakes, so it had to be shut down or else bootlegs would be full of all the same item, just with a different picture.
There is 1 catch though, if some shirt is radically different/crazy/tricky etc. it can still make it on.

The purpose of bootlegs it to TEACH fans how to avoid fake items.
Basically anything that illustrates a NEW trick or a new way of faking is added in. All the avoidance tactics on shirts were already revealed through the many, many fake shirts already present on the 10 pages worth of fake items. So if something is totally outrageous (shirt-wise) it's got a chance, because it can still present a learning opportunity for the fans.

Item of the week:
It would be the snowboard, if it was known to be official or not. Sincerely, I hope that it IS. A Sonic snowboard would be very cool. Since it is unknown though, it can't be item of the week. So instead that goes to...
Toy Island "Better Sonic"
Items of the week are always interesting, but this one proves they can be frusterating too. The difference is SO GREAT between these figures...yet all they did was release that horribly ugly one. That nasty figure is indeed in my collection but it's shoved away out of sight because it is so rotten and non-Sonic-like. It makes me want to yell "How did this happen you fools!" to see that super one there next to it. It still has 'big body' but the head is just worlds apart.

Next week:
More grab-bag style anything goes update. Likely to also be a double.