Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Sonic Show Bags / Fancy Bags Added

This week's update sees way more stuff...and good progress vs. the mail!
The mail numbers are actually finally going down, meaning older stuff is getting onto the site. You'll notice an abundance of items/categories went up this week, that's an effect of that.

New Section: Fancy / Show Bags
Yes, this WAS a page from "My Sonic Gear" which is slowly being demolished. The 'my' section became somewhat irrelevant / outdated and has since been on the hit list to be gotten rid of . Its content is being re-distributed among the other pages of the site as time allows, and once it's all gone, that section will simply vanish. Fancy Bags takes all the 'my' content and adds several more bags that have been submitted over time/just sat in the image bins--so there's new stuff to see.

Item/s of the week:
Has to be the 20th Anniversary stuff that went all over the Japan section. Well designed, good range of stuff, and no one had any idea it existed until it was just sent. Interesting also for how much of it they made.

Interesting Link:
http://www.jaroo.com/ a previously unknown (to me) site that I guess is like some kind of free Hulu? Anyway it has a collection of strange/unpopular/weird/old kids shows, plus all 3 of the USA release Sonic shows. So...if you want free ep watchin' goodness, give that place a shot. Also you can stream them on Netflix as well, if that's more convenient for you.

Next Week:
Or maybe before next week...hoping to throw on a review for Sonic 4 Episode 2: Hey guys we fixed the physics. Hopefully mail stays in good shape, will get into more of the older mails, and possibly repair the papercraft section, as I know it has gone wrong lately. Plus, if that happens, more paper crafts will also be added to both look at AND do.