Friday, July 02, 2010

Sonic Birthday Wrap Up

Well the wrap up post is kind of out of sync...
But better late than not one. Over-all the bday week went quite well. The site didn't really try too hard to wreck, and a LOT of mail was cleared out. Do note though, that there's a ton of it left, so if you sent something's likely still in that pile.

Miss, scoop & 'it went' notices are going out better than they were (ie nothing as much getting lost in the shuffle) so that's decent as well.

The week itself was packed with interesting news as well, everything from JW figure photos to a light up statue. If there was ever a great week for Sonic stuff to release, the b-day week is certainly it. With daily updates, all the news got out fresh and fast.

1. There may be a poll soon, which you can vote in.
2. Updates may appear more frequently. More along the line of 2 of them in a week in a further attempt to un-do the whole mail disaster the site caused and get everything back in control. They WILL be announced on the 'updates' section of the front page, just as usual so no one misses anything. The 2nd update may be lighter, or the same as a normal one. It would usually have a blog post with it as well.