Monday, September 14, 2015

Fall Merchandise Boost

Is it finally time for new stuff again?
It seems so! A change of season often brings out companies with new offerings of merchandise. This summer, Sonic stuff was particularly slow. Without Jazwares and Topheavy and their really cool release schedules to bolster the updates, things had become a little scarce. Of course, there's still enough old Sonic stuff to keep the site going, but people want to see buy-able things they can get now, not always the vintage stuff.

More Tees are on the way, the fall line has some stylish selections coming for UK and USA
The Boom prototypes, of course...Shadow & Metal Sonic are highly anticipated, even by non Boom fans because they don't really appear to have been 'boom-styled'
Australia was promised more stuff too (only serves UK area, it seems) has said they'll be getting more too
A fast food Boom fire/ice promo is coming to the US

And these are just the things that have been reported on so far, so it's seemingly good news.

What about Star Wars?
The hype train is strong, with this one.
People wonder if the SW hype train will mess with Sonic merchandise. The answer is yes, it certainly has already messed with tees. With SW tees flooding every store during the hype train, other characters, shows and themes are squeezed out. It won't last forever though, and while there is LESS room, it doesn't mean NO room for Sonic, so of course, keep watching your local stores for tees if you want them.

Store refresher list:
Old Navy
JC Penny
Hot Topic
K Mart

All those have, in the past, repeatedly had Sonic tees.

Gear Store Update: New page!
This week, the Accessories Store got too large on its page and was split. The new page created was the "Bags Store", which just has various Sonic themed lunch bags, school bags, messenger bags, saddle bags, draw-string, character bags...and probably a coin purse even though I'm not sure that's a bag. It's actually a pretty surprising and diverse amount of bags. Probably more will be added.

Yes, there should be Boom Costumes coming to the Gear Store too,

Next week:
More store. It's def. time to overhaul the pages for missing items, and add more new things. There could also be other pages/categories added, depending on how well it goes.