Monday, July 22, 2013

Archie SDCC Panel 2013?

San Diego Comic Con for 2013 was just the other week, and apparently Archie Sonic Comics had some kind of a panel there? They have a special "Con Exclusive" cover for a Megaman Crossover / Worlds Collide issue...which people knew, but I guess I didn't know about the panel.

Did anything significant get said at the panel?

If it did, and anybody knows, do write in and it'll become some type of blog article here.

Jazwares - More action
More action...more figures!
1. There are 2 surprises this week, the first is Super Poser Silver, which is good news, as anything SP they do seems to do well and actually be good. Supposedly 5 inch Silver is also on the way (also good, their 5 line is cool) but everyone thought we'd see the other SBK figures before anybody else. His preview shot looks good.

2. Burning Blaze - Nobody saw this coming! Super Sonic is Sonic....when he's super...but Blaze the Cat is "Burning Blaze". However, it's probably something that should of been seen coming because instead of a whole new figure like Super Sonic, they just need to recolor parts of her to get Burning Blaze. In this case, it seems to be the coat and the fluffy shoe/glove cuffs. It's the perfect way to make another figure without a new mold. Plus, it's really cool to see "the girls curse" failing enough to get a 2nd Blaze right away after the first one anyway. Yes, the curse isn't totally gone...she's still in a 2 pack with Sonic but, I do consider it a victory.

It's too early to be thinking about Back to School. It's July! That's too early.
However, someone clearly was, with all the new school & accessory stuff that just cropped up. A lot is probably BioWorld but so far its only been seen at , which has some reasonable prices like 4.49 for a keychain, but then 9 dollars for a simple spiral notebook is rather steep. Hopefully somewhere else picks these up and gives them some competition.

*Prediction nobody remembers:
Remember that article posted on the 'magazine read-a-page' new section of Gear? It said companies (yes vague) were looking to do more "Just Amy Rose" stuff. Is this part of it? Amy note, folders, phone case, etc. It could be.

Opinion Zone:
I, personally, like "single character items". I like a thing with just Knuckles, or just Shadow, or Just Amy or whoever on it. I totally don't mind things where Sonic ISNT on there. It's cool to share the spotlight around. These things arent common, but when they pop up I do like to try and get them. Or stuff even with like just the Chaotix or something, that would be cool too. I think it adds variety to merchandise.

Next week:
Probably a little bit of older mails. This week was clearly like a surprise surge of new stuff , so if it calms down a little, hopefully some older stuff can go on. It should include magazine scans as well, for some older covers.