Monday, May 11, 2015

First 4 Figures Modern Super Sonic - 2 Great Things in 1 Week

This week's update turned out to be better than expected.
There were TWO great items in the week AND a decent amount of item submissions to make sure everything went smoothly. Hopefully, that is a sign that more people are seeing / coming to the site again.

Item of the week:
OF COURSE it is First 4 Figures Modern Super Sonic Display Figure. It is amaaaaazing. As a figure collector / figure lover, excellent figures are always at the top of my list on 'most wanted' type items. Also, I do prefer the look of Modern Sonic which includes modern SS, so naturally this figure would be a shoe in for wanting it.

See it now!

They also add in a perfect storm of cool details like:
Resin water lit from below
See through resin water to observe base details beneath
Cool pose
Good expression
Realistic splash
Shimmer pearl paint to enhance the 'super'ness of it

They continue on with their whole 'light up' & non lit statues.
People call this a gimmick, and maybe it is but it is the exact CORRECT use of a gimmick! It is always used tastefully & in a way that fits in with the thing they're making. It never looks tacked on or 'gimmicky' in the sense of the word. They do it right, it fits, it always enhances, never takes away from. That really is the best to do.

The extra touches add up
Did they NEED special shimmer paint? No. Did they NEED see through water with hidden base details under it? No. But because they think ahead to do these things makes the items worth every penny & brings them the title of #1 which is well deserved.

Item of the week 2:
GE Espio.
Do you know how HARD it is to make a good plush doll? Like one that looks like an improbable Sonic character (anybody, really,except like Big) ? It's WAY hard. Because unlike carving or doing it in ceramics, you have to make tons of patterns and check them seeing what comes out right. You can't just cut off or stick on clay. You can't hit some digital art 'undo' button. You have to keep making, cutting, sewing and stuffing these patterns till you get it so this isn't something to be under estimated.

The plush looks great!
If the back & tail are as good as the front, GE will really have a winner. People love Espio too, he's got lots of fans. I will be buying this doll if it is anywhere reasonably priced. This is an example of a company paying real attention, doing things right & giving fans what they want. (a cool character done on model)

Only 2 items from the reserve had to be used. That's pretty good news too.

Opinion Zone:
Both of these items Espio & SS, are big faves of mine. Very happy to see them this week, especially after such a dry spell of items or 'boom only' or things like that.

Next week:
Likely housewares, and hopefully more surprises turn up.