Monday, April 02, 2018

Sonic in the Glow Zone

This week's update fell half on April Fools...
And, SonicGear doesn't usually ever do an actual 'fool' post like lots of sites, but it does more heavily feature bootlegs on/around that date and this one was no exception with 4 nasty new things being posted all in one week. One could only hope that horrible Silver was an April Fool--too bad the dumb thing's real. Ugh.

Item of the week:
Sonic in the Glow Zone Coloring Poster Book
Finally, a real look at this real rare book! It was an Australia Only item, and every so often the cover would pop up online with people asking questions. It's notable because it was done under the "Sonic X Treme" brand name / branding but the game never came out. The book itself is fairly unique in a couple of ways

1. It glows in the dark (all the line art)
2. Sonic NEVER has a mouth in any of the art
3. All the art is new / no stock except Robotnick

How'd they get away with removing his mouth completely?
Whoever did the art was good enough at Sonic that the new poses for all the 'xtreme' (but not really) sports look good & not mutant/bad or kiddie scribble which is better than can be said for some Tails art that is official. The book only features Sonic & Robotnick and they use some of his ugliest stock pieces. But if the artist was so ok/good, why's the mouth gone?

The thing was basically notorious for not having any images on the internet. In this day, that's generally a rare case because when you know the name of something & be VERY specific it'll usually show up. (The problem coming on stuff that nobody knows it exists or doesn't know what it's called) SonicGear's (one of the) main directives has been fulfilled with this: putting hard to find items online for all real fans to see.

Sign a Petition:
A petition has been made to draw attention to putting Cream the Rabbit into Sonic Boom.

Even if it doesn't hit 10k signatures, it draws attention to the issue that the fans would like to see her in some episodes, so any signing of it would do some good. Comments I think are also available if you want to explain why they should add her.

Next week:
More Tomy stuff to be sure.