Sunday, April 09, 2006

Action Figure MANIA!

All I can say is fans are blown away! You've GOT to see this to believe it, not one, not 2 but THREE ALL NEW lines of Sonic the Hedgehog action figures have been released by Toy Island.

You remember all the buzz created by Toy Island running full page ads in Toyfare magazine in the USA. Especially when figures didn't show up in stores when promised. Since Toy Island is super lazy advertising wise and does not have their own web page, it was impossible to tell what they really had instore for Sonic collectors. No one could have guessed that there would be no less than THREE lines available.

The first line is the "Megabot Line"
This is an ordinary line of standard Sonic X figures with Sonic Tails Knuckles Shadow and Amy Rose. Each one comes with a part of an Eggman robot that you can build.

Next is the "Space Fighters"
These are a bizzaro tangent line featuring Sonic Tails Knuckles and Shadow in strange space suits with non-cannon 'space rod' light up weapons. Where are they getting these odd ideas? This is certainly not from the TV show. This line also includes a misplaced Missile Wrist robot.

The third is "Figure & Chaos Emeralds"
These are 5 inch fully articulated action figures who come with 2 Chaos Emeralds. You'll recognize the emeralds from the first Sonic Adventure line of Toy Island figures. This is currently a MYSTERY LINE only known to contain "Chris" so far. Who else could be on it?

This is an exciting time for fans and Sonic Gear alike! Want to see more? has the story and photos you crave! Read about the figure details and find where to get them.

Check back for more thrilling news soon!