Sunday, September 21, 2008

Japan & Australia Update

This update contained only items from two countries: Japan and Australia.
If you also notice, most of the photos are by one submitter, too. A serious collector who takes seriously good photos.
By far, the highlight of the update was the Sonic Adventure 2 Battle Shadow plush. Why? Not only is it super detailed (likely to be the best Shadow plush available) but it routinely goes for over a grand on ebay. Madness? No...collectibility! You'd think someone in marketing would learn a lesson from all this and start making some REAL quality plushes, but for some reason that doesn't seem to happen.

There was also a lot of Eggman on the update, even though "robotnik" was a factor on many of the items. Segaworld AU pretty much had their own little version of him which was very AoStH, and had no robotic arm. He didn't AT ALL resemble Eggman, and was really rather goofy looking. That didn't stop them from making loads of stuff with him though. The worst item would be the Trio Hat--simply due to the off model ugly angry Tails on it.

It's a shame something like the WayBack machine doesn't have the old site on it, because really there's tons more stuff than what Gear has, and it's all rather difficult to find.

The other good news on the update is that the mail is gettin' down--as evidenced by a clear theme and new page this week. At this rate, something new and cool should appear soon. Likely, it'll be an overhaul to the much neglected Videos section to tie in with the all-new Sonic Shows area...which will then tie into the Sonic Store so that people can actually GET the shows if they like what they see with the photos/clips and descriptions. After all, Gear is here to help the fans collect and see Sonic.