Monday, July 18, 2016

SonicGear - Back in Action for Updates

This week's update brings good news!
The site is back in action after the attack of 502. Use the previous blog post to see what this error had to say, and what it did. This post explains (briefly...oy) what it really was and actually manages to have some Sonic content as well. So you know things are on the mend.

The real cause of 502 PORT command
The host company for SonicGear decided to suddenly change from FTP to SFTP without telling anyone or sending letters or posting notices. When that happens, all web site building programs that don't have the ability to know what SFTP is, will start letting off errors. (ill-explained or not) Of course, GoLive didn't recognize it.

What to do about SFTP?
Well it's some kind of advanced security thing so older software doesn't have any ability (nor can be changed) to use it. So the Golive Gear uses is likely version 7 from...................2003. And stuff from 2015 doesn't even know of SFTP so yes there is no chance. And of course, one cannot tell companies what to do so SFTP it is, and SFTP it stays.

The solution:
Filezilla. It's a free FTP program that lets you do SFTP because whoever is making it actually keeps up from the times. It's easy enough to use but adds a layer of work back into gear that wasn't there before. But, it is the best that can be asked for in this situation of legacyware.

Drop Dead: Sonic Line
The original update that got skipped (so, the first week) was spent gathering all the clothing from the line at the DropDead website and prepping it for use on the Gear. It was meant to only skip 1 week. There was such a huuuuge haul of stuff. The 2nd week was trying to solve the error issue, and here is the 3rd week when it finally appears.

DD A First
This is a first for non-Japan Sonic fans. A company making a whole LINE of clothes dedicated to Sonic. There's plenty of stuff! It's all classic style, but does use neoclassic art in several instances to keep it fresh. It's more than just tees, with jackets, underwear, sweatpants, sweatshirts and more all available to choose from. This is exciting stuff simply because there is so much of it, and a company dedicating a line for the first time.

Opinion Zone:
It's a nice enough line. It's pricey though. There's only so much that can be done with classic Sonic that hasn't been seen before but they do manage. The colors are a tad drab, but it is all supposed to appear very 'adult oriented'.
Why are their models all such gloomy-gusses? A pile of sour faces they are!
Some of the stuff is too subtle to be paying that kind of money for. If you want to spend a bundle to rock a brand and flaunt Sonic you don't want (probably) nearly invisible items.
Good fun: Very hairy Tails shirt
Red sock: Get the red sock out of the laundry on that poor girls 'rows of Sonic faces' terrible shirt. It just looks stained and ill designed
Jacket confusion: Why make the girls jacket better than the boys? It will just annoy folks
Socks: If it's that expensive, make it look more like his shoe

Bottom line: Very good this line got made, it's an assortment that brings new stuff to the table & proves Sonic's enduring popularity

Update 2:
Yes 2 updates in '1 week'. The 2nd isn't as large as usual, but was used to test the new system & make up for what got missed. If you sent something in and DONT see it yet, never fear, it'll probably appear next week. The 2nd update was to keep things from getting behind/getting out of hand at the inbox.

Next week:
Probably prototypes, the new Lego Sonic Dimension figure, an exclusive, and hopefully no trouble getting things done.